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TABLE OF CONTENTS • TABLE OF CONTENTS • TABLE OF CONTENTS • TABLE OF CONTENTS • TABLE OF CONTENTS • TABLE OF CONTENTS • 2014 Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook 2 LOUDSPEAKER INDUSTRY SOURCEBOOK 2014 CONTENTS 7 INDUSTRY EVENTS INDUSTRY REPORTS 8 Argument for Local Sourcing By Mark Beach (Beach Dynamics) 20 Perceiving and Measuring Headphone Sound Quality Do Listeners Agree on What Makes a Headphone Sound Good? By Dr. Sean Olive (HARMAN International) 24 Converged Audio Test By Bradley Price (Audio Precision) 30 More Bang for the Buck By João Martins (audioXpress) QUESTIONS & ANSWERS 12 Vance Dickason (Vance Dickason Consulting) 13 Christopher J. Struck (CJS Labs) 14 Chris von Hellermann (Tymphany) 16 Thomas Mintner (NTI Americas Inc.) 18 Rich Taylor (Dayton Audio) VENDOR DIRECTORIES 42 Finished Sytems (OEM/ODM) & Integrated Audio Products By Mike Klasco (Menlo Scientific) 46 Test and Measurement Instrumentation By Mike Klasco (Menlo Scientific) 53 Wireless Audio By Mike Klasco (Menlo Scientific) VENDOR CATEGORIES 63 CABLES & CONNECTORS Cables Connectors Wire Channel 64 CONSULTANTS & DESIGNERS 66 EARPHONES & HEADPHONES Earphones Headphones 67 ENCLOSURES & CABINETS Baffles Finished Cabinets Sub-Assemblies, Panels, Materials Rigging 70 ENCLOSURE PARTS Enclosure Grilles Enclosure Stuffing Grille Assemblies Hardware 73 ENGINEERING SOFTWARE Acoustic Analysis Box Design Crossover Optimizer Network Design CAE or CAD 75 FINISHED SYSTEMS (OEM/ ODM) & INTEGRATED AUDIO OEM/ODM (Finished Sytems) Integrated Amplified Speaker Solutions 80 MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENT Adhesive Dispensers Conveyors Curing Ovens Lead Out Wire Termination Production Line Equipment Magnetizers/Demagnetizers Ultrasonic Assembly Equipment 81 MEASUREMENT MICROPHONES Consumer Field Mics Lab Instruments Measuring Mics Professional 83 MIC CAPSULES Dynamic ECM MEMs 84 MICROSPEAKERS Cell Phone Laptop Tablet/MID 85 OEM SPEAKER ASSEMBLY Acoustic Materials Finished Goods 86 OEM SPEAKERS & DRIVERS Electrostatic Compression Drivers Full Range Horns Midrange Paging Horns Piezo Planar Siren/Voice Warning Tweeters Woofers 105 PASSIVE COMPONENTS/ CROSSOVERS/WIRING Attenuators Capacitors Driver Protection Devices Inductors Plugs & Jack Dishes Resistors Solder Terminal Plates Transformers Electronic Crossovers Finished Passive Crossover Nets Wire & Wiring Harnesses 110 SPEAKER PARTS A–E Adhesives & Glues Cone Additives & Other Treatments Cone & Suspension Components 114 SPEAKER PARTS F–L Frames & Baskets Lead Out Wire Lead Out Wire Termination/ Crimps 116 SPEAKER PARTS M–Z Magnetic Assemblies Voice Coil Components 122 TEST EQUIPMENT Accelerometers Anechoic Chambers Audio Analyzers Gaussmeters LCR Bridges MLS Multimeters Oscilloscopes Resistance Bridges Signal Generators Sine/Square Wave Oscillators Speaker Parts Speaker Turntables Spectrum Analyzers Stroboscopes Test Microphones Turns Counters Testing Cabinets DEPARTMENTS 5 Supporting Companies 56 Company Compendium 128 Appendix 130 Address List

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