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2014 Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook CONSULTANTS & DESIGNERS • CONSULTANTS & DESIGNERS • CONSULTANTS & DESIGNERS • CONSULTANTS & DESIGNERS • CONSULTANTS & 64 CONSULTANTS & DESIGNERS AUSTRALIA DEQX Pty., Ltd. Lorantz Audio Services Pty., Ltd. Stones Sound Studio BRAZIL Advanced Audio Technologies Decibel Eng. Ind. CANADA Audio Opportunities, Ltd. Audio-Concept (G.C.) Canadian Speaker Works Kravchenko-Audio Peter Duminy–Loudspeaker Research & Design (DLC) Planet_10 hi-fi Primrose Audio Design, Inc. RAW Acoustics Solen Electronique, Inc. Studio Reference Monitors The Canadian Loudspeaker Corp. Warkwyn Associates, Inc. CHINA B.W. Audio Guangzhou Co., Ltd. BSWA Technology Co., Ltd. Ocean Sound Technology, Ltd. Sound Technology Development, Ltd. Sun Technique Electric Co., Ltd. Zhuhai HiVi Technology Co., Ltd. DENMARK iCapture ApS LOUDSOFT, Ltd. FRANCE Kyu Systems SIEA GERMANY Akustik Perfekt Audiophil GmbH Centrotherm Systemtechnik GmbH Physical Lab Wolf von Langa INDIA GM Audio Technics, Ltd. Innova Engineering, Inc. Power Electronics & Technologies S.S. Electronics Trent Engineering ISRAEL Chorus Audio Group ITALY Audiomarin, SNC Audiomatica, S.R.L. Audioxplus, S.R.L. Axiomedia SpeakerLAB, S.R.L. LATVIA Acoustic Power Lab MALAYSIA Acoustics Lab Audio Labs MEXICO Aletheia AV NETHERLANDS Auvio Netherlands, BV KBL Systems Millon Loudspeakers SPOORT.NU tg-acoustics the BEE NORWAY Midgard Audio PORTUGAL Satcab, SA SPAIN Woods Engineering SWEDEN Böhmer Audio, AB Green Acoustics Standard Audio Systems, AB

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