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ABOUT THIS ISSUE • ABOUT THIS ISSUE • ABOUT THIS ISSUE • ABOUT THIS ISSUE • ABOUT THIS ISSUE • ABOUT THIS ISSUE • ABOUT THIS I 2014 Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook 6 The Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook, an annual publication that lists speaker-related companies and their products and services, provides a comprehensive guide throughout the year for your loudspeaker needs. The sourcebook is an excellent reference to keep on hand at your office or lab. You can also research its broad array of audio resources online. Go to www.gotomylis.com to see the 2014 edition. The user-friendly sourcebook includes lists and charts that identify the products and services from roughly 230 companies. If you want to contact a manufacturer, distributor, or consultant directly, just refer to the extensive address list, which includes each company's address, phone, fax, and online information. If you're curious about where the industry is headed in 2014 and beyond, the sourcebook contains interesting and informative articles. One article explores how to determine the pros and cons of manufacturing speaker products in the US. Several successful American manufacturers share their opinions. In a unique question and answer section, industry professionals discuss audio trends and existing technology. Another article provides useful insight on the audio industry and highlights some 2014 market trends. Other articles will appeal to the equipment tweakers and testers among you including a study that asks listeners to define "good" headphone sound. And, because of the demand for products that combine electronics and electroacoustical elements in an integrated package, we offer a possible solution for those who design, build, and test integrated audio devices. There is even more helpful information inside. So enjoy. Information within the Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook relies on manufacturers to fill out our survey questionnaires. Some companies did not complete a listing request. While we seek to ensure the information presented inside is as accurate and comprehensive as possible, Segment is publishing these listings as a courtesy and is not responsible for any errors or omissions to the directory listings/company information. If your company is new or otherwise not listed here, please contact us to be included in subsequent issues: Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook Segment, LLC 111 Founders Plaza, Suite 300 East Hartford, CT 06108 (860) 289-0800 Fax (860) 461-0450 www.audioxpress.com About This Issue When competitiveness and expertise are needed, large and small OEMs turn to Parts Express for assistance with product development. Over 18,000 products in stock—order your FREE catalog today! 1-866-366-4909 parts-express.com/wholesale 725 Pleasant Valley Drive Springboro, OH 45066 USA 2014 LOUDSPEAKER INDUSTRY SOURCEBOOK

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