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The original s'more, preferably created around a campfire on a summer evening, is loved for reasons both flavorful and nostalgic. But its simple formula of putting tasty things together for ease-of-eating and maximizing-of- deliciousness is a winner no matter how you stack it or what you stack it with. We've taken the basic blueprint and gotten creative with it in ways both sweet and savory. S'MORE ON A STICK Quickly dip a roasted marshmallow in melted chocolate and roll in crushed up graham crackers. CARAMEL APPLE Top a thick slice of green apple with a roasted marshmallow, a caramel- filled chocolate square and another thick slice of green apple. PB&J Spread a little jam on the bottom of a peanut butter cookie. Top with some strawberry slices, a roasted marshmallow, a chocolate square and another peanut butter cookie. MAPLE BACON Top a graham cracker square with a strip of cooked maple bacon, a roasted marshmallow, a chocolate square and another graham cracker square. GRILL ROASTED MARSHMALLOWS No campfire to roast your marshmallows? No problem. The gas grill makes a great substitute for a campfire, when it comes to marshmallows!Stick one or two marshmallows (or mozzarella balls) on the end of a 12-inch bamboo skewer. Carefully remove the grate from your grill so you can get down near the flames. Turn the grill on high and slowly rotate the skewer close, but not too close, to the flame.You want a nice light brown crust to give you a hot, melty inside. CAPRESE Top a thicker square cracker with 2 Roma tomato slices, roasted mozzarella balls, some basil leaves and another square cracker. OFFER YOUR GUESTS A VARIETY OF DIFFERENT KINDS OF CRACKERS, MARSHMALLOWS, CHOCOLATES & SPREADS, SO EVERYONE CAN MAKE THEIR OWN UNIQUE S'MORES CREATION. THROW A S'MORES PARTY! Check out theses s'mores with more from chef Bobby Flay.

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