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KNOXFIELD, Victoria, Australia – The Australian Out- back is no place to be left in an RV without deep-cycle battery power. Fortunately, Australian RVers have an inno- vative answer to that problem in BM PRO and its BatteryCheck wireless battery management system. Now, parent company Setec is bringing BatteryCheck technology to RV owners in America and the wild interior of Canada. A first in the RV world market, the BatteryCheck device con- nects to a range of standard batteries and communicates wirelessly with Apple and Android smart phones via an easy to use app. RV owners can view real time data including volts and amps, time remaining, temperature, battery status, state of charge and battery health - all with the touch of a button. Setec CEO David Bayliss says that extensive research was under- taken prior to developing the product. "The results showed that the biggest challenge for RV enthusiasts when it comes to dry camping and battery power, was that they wanted to be sure that their beer was cold and the refrigerator was still running when they got back to their sites after a day of adventure." Demand then inspired invention as Bayliss saw an opportunity and moved to turn the product into a reality. "We understand technology and what's available - our job is really to join the dots. If we see an opportunity, we run it through an innovation process with our world-class research and development team and then work through the manufacturing process at our facility in Melbourne, Australia," says Bayliss. Although BatteryCheck is the company's first offering for the RV market in North America, Setec has been designing and manu- facturing innovative power solutions since 1968. The company holds a majority share of the Australian market by providing power supply products to Jayco, the largest RV manufacturer in Australia. "We also have products in indus- tries including automotive, gaming and RF communications that we already export to the United States. Our RV product line is the only segment we haven't been exporting, so this is a natural extension for us. It's also a great opportu- nity to be able to expand our business and continue our global approach," Bayliss says. The company also has extensive experience designing and manu- facturing for the military. "We've been working with the military for a long time, and have built algorithms that monitor energy for them," Bayliss says. "By mapping various battery inputs, this enables us to effectively monitor the usage and remaining length of time in batteries for applications including military backpack radios." Setec's products are used in various other military applications such as border security and humanitarian power supply require- ments - often in the world's harshest environments. It was from this experience that Setec was able to take such technology and expand it into what Bayliss describes as "a reliable, high-quality and highly innovative product range" for RVs. In fact, Bayliss says that Setec has more than 25 years of experi- ence dealing with U.S. customers, systems and structures, and all of its products meet current safety and compliance requirements. Setec first exhibited BatteryCheck at last winter's RVIA show in Louisville. After the very warm reception it received, the company has already secured two U.S.-based distributors in the solar and marine industries. The company is now seeking RV distributors for what Bayliss says is a product that is unique to the industry, and will provide RV owners with the freedom to wirelessly manage the state of their battery life. Paid advertisement BatteryCheck: Measuring More than Just Volts Dashboard BatteryCheck RVP_STEC_1407A.indd 1 6/16/14 4:42 PM

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