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HOW KM CAN SET YOUR FIRM APART in-house counsel with daily activities. These types of systems take information normally provided in books, firm-produced CLEs and other learning opportunities, and display it via an online website, RSS feed to the client’s portal or online application for delivery to multiple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Playbook, BlackBerry, etc.). These systems also take the form of decision trees, which assist in-house counsel in answering legal questions frequently posed to attorneys. This interface allows in-house counsel to answer select questions, generating the relevant answers or linking them to attorneys within the firm for further research and discussion. Many question the purpose of providing these types of systems online instead of in person, preferring personal interaction. However, those naysayers fail to recognize that many clients now want both an in-person relationship, as well as continuous, online access. Law firms should look for a happy balance to meet client needs and wants. In doing this, the firm can create a lasting, permanent relationship with the client in a new way. In addition, these systems create a win-win situation for both firms and clients. Clients gain access to information immediately, and firms build one platform that can then expose their expertise multiple times. INFORMATION MANAGEMENT PLATFORMS The most complex way to use KM to innovate the delivery of legal services is to provide information management platforms (online tools that the client can use to manage its own information). These platforms need to be well-thought-out and built within a flexible environment to allow for different client needs within the same industry. These platforms can be used to manage mass litigation cases or corporate deals. However, highly regulated companies are the ones creating the greatest demand for this sort of system, in the form of government compliance platforms. Clients are provided with an online tool to manage event-tracking, document compliance and workflow, training compliance and much more. The difficult part is locating the opportunity and developing the right tool in a demand market. Finally, these types of online platforms also provide the client with access to law firm tools and workflows that increase client efficiency in conducting business on a daily basis. For example, Baker Donelson exposes their document assembly product to clients. This in turn allows the client to develop different level agreements or sets of documents that previously took multiple days to draft in entirety. This type of tool also allows workflow process options and a dashboard of the stored information that can be used for other purposes. THE VALUE OF KM KM has come a long way from the days of solely maintaining precedent banks for the internal purposes of the firm. Today, KM can be a game changer for firms with clients who demand efficiency and transparency. By partnering with the client and delivering information when needed, inside and outside the firm, in a device- agnostic manner, KM has truly become an asset to the client. ILTA Knowledge Management 31

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