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June 2011

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Close to the Edge: IT’s Fight to Stay Ahead of the Curve by Tom Koulopoulos click here to read The debate about the relevance of IT has been raging for at least the last decade. The bottom line is that your firm is in a competitive arms race to cut out as many costs as possible, and IT is squarely in the crosshairs of that effort. But the arguments about whether IT is a commodity typically leave out one very important variable — namely, what is the core competency of IT? Now, here is a radical thought: What if the core competency of IT isn’t IT? BECOME A FAN ON FACEBOOK >> click here Become an ILTA fan. FOLLOW ILTA ON TWITTER >> click here eDiscovery Results Axcelerate WilmerHale uses Recommind’s Axcelerate™ eDiscovery with Predictive Coding™ to provide superior matter insight, better quality control and more predictable costs. Learn how corporations and law firms utilize Axcelerate eDiscovery with Predictive Coding at ▼ ™

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