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June 2011

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Your Podcar Awaits at ILTA 2020… T ransportation to and around ILTA’s annual conference will be a whole new experience this year! Thanks to developments in technology and the country’s infrastructure and mass transit systems, we expect everyone will be utilizing new state-of- the-art modes of transportation. Getting Here First things first –– you have to get to this year’s conference. Here are some options: • Planes. New solar/lunar-powered jumbo jets have harnessed the power of the sun and moon to fly. With gas prices finally out of the equation, flying has once again become a viable option for everyone. • Trains. These aren’t the trains of old! Depending on where you’re coming from, opting for these speed trains might be quicker than flying. Connecting all major U.S. cities, these magnetically driven trains offer a quick commute in comfort. • Automobiles. If you’re a road warrior, green is the way to go! With electronic plugs now available at every gas station and hybrids reaching new levels of efficiency, there are options for even the most budget-conscious traveler. The Latest and Greatest in Transit We’ve decided to host this year’s event in the same city that has launched the country’s first Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system. You’ll love riding in these personal little podcars — driverless vehicles run on elevated guideways under computer control. They’re electric but have no batteries –– power comes from electronic contacts on the guideway (a magnetic field handles acceleration and de-acceleration). Here’s why they’re cool for conference: • Podcars wait for you, not the other way around. There’s always a podcar waiting at PRT stations; there are no schedules or fixed routes –– you decide when and where to go. • Wireless access and electric outlets are available in each podcar, so you’ll always have the ability to connect to the technology and information you need. • Podcars run on rubber wheels, which ride inside the guideway rather than on top of it, so they’re quiet and smooth (not to mention, comfortable). This is the perfect environment to have a quiet moment to concentrate or a post-session conversation with a few peers. Andy Spiegel is a creative director for a business software company based in Austin, Texas, and a freelance writer. An ardent movie watcher, he maintains a blog called “My Private Screening Room,” which spotlights movie reviews of films from the ‘30s to today. He can be reached at Well, you get the picture. Transportation at this year’s conference is going to be something special, just like everything else about the event. So come join us as we promise to keep things (and people) moving! ILTA

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