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inside iLTA RECOGNIZING ADAPT to O n April 5, 2011, delegates and vendors from the U.K. and Ireland — and some U.S. participants — gathered at the Grange St. Paul’s hotel in London for an exciting day of education and networking. The event was split across two tracks: the Business of Law 2020 and Law Technology 2020. These sessions tie into Law2020™, ILTA’s multi-year, multiplatform educational programming initiative focused on the ways in which law firms will have to adapt in order to thrive over the next decade. The event offered a tremendous opportunity for leading technologists and business leaders to share ideas and collaborate on topics of interest to the legal profession. The day began with a keynote from Philip Wood, Special Global Counsel for Allen & Overy, LLP, titled “Leveraging Technology to Succeed in Today’s Economy.” An author of multiple books on international finance, Philip presented a slide deck of historical global maps, demonstrating the relationship between financial risk and the legal system. He emphasized the importance of the use of technology in an increasingly regulatory environment in order to deliver timely client service. The next session was presented by Aaron Turner, President of Chaos Enterprises. With substantive 132 Peer to Peer the need by Scott Christensen, Director of Information Services at Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon LLP 5 April 2011 GRANGE HOTEL experience in providing clients with advice regarding risk management, Aaron was well-positioned to contrast how technology choices and related policy are closely tied to the management of risk. He presented examples of security/data breeches related to the use of PDAs in foreign countries — possibly because of the “keys” that manufacturers have had to make available due to political pressure from government entities. His specific example of a lawyer that compromised client confidentiality through the simple use of email, text and calls from her cell phone while traveling shocked and awed the audience. He further drove home the point that firms can mitigate risk by retaining greater control over the choices and ownership of managed enterprise devices, bucking the trend toward the consumerization of electronics and end-user choice of PDA devices. st. paul’s The event then split into the two primary tracks for the remainder of the educational sessions. In the Business of Law 2020 track, the session titled “Legal Project Management: Not an Oxymoron” asked how project management professionals can assist lawyers who are looking to maximize productivity amid economic pressure and client demand for alternative fee arrangements. In “Money: The Only Green That Matters,” panelists discussed:

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