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TECH the new rule sets include the UDRP, the UDRP Rules and the National Arbitration Forum’s UDRP Supplemental Rules. Product Announcements AccessData announced the unveiling of a new configuration for their Summation CaseVantage Web-based legal review platform. Instead of the multiple servers needed to run the product previously, firms can now install and run CaseVantage on a single server. In addition to making CaseVantage available to firms on a single server, the following features have been added to the product: markup set tab; case notes; and custom redaction text. Accola announced the launch of the U.S. version of ContactManager, a contact relationship management (CRM) tool designed for the professional services industry. ContactManager is a uniquely designed CRM system that was conceptualized in conjunction with lawyers and the marketing departments of legal firms. It integrates with existing systems to facilitate comprehensive client relationship management and it serves the needs of users in information- and knowledge-driven organizations. BEC Legal Systems and launched docketing- and cloud- based court rules software for Microsoft Outlook 2010. The release highlights an improved integration between BEC Legal Systems’ Docket Enterprise and’s Real-Time Rules offering. Docket Enterprise is a legal calendar, docket and matter management application backed by CoreRelate, a SQL server database. is taking the latest in Rules content from courts and agencies all around the country and combining it with the Microsoft Windows Communication Framework to create a fast and easy-to-use Web service which can “rules-enable” virtually any calendar, case management or docketing system. and BigHand announced the release of the fourth edition of its software. BigHand 4 enables firms to: save time on the move via enhanced Mobile Email Integration; increase smartphone productivity with BigHand for Android; control the entire document production process via Advanced Multistep Workflow; streamline deposition reports via Practice Builder; reduce administrator input via Send Anywhere; improve security with Confidential Dictations; increase draft quality via Bookmarking; maximize voice-to-text accuracy via unique Speech Recognition Pre-Learning Utility; and improve information management via new Autonomy iManage Integration. Chrome River Technologies, Inc. and ATG’s ExpertImage announced they have partnered to provide comprehensive ease-of-use and digital image exchange for online expense reporting and invoice management. Customers utilizing the Chrome River expense management system can now use ExpertImage’s popular image management solution to enhance visibility of expenses to all necessary areas of the firm. and Client Profiles announced the release of CRM4Legal 2011. The 2011 version of Client Profiles’ Microsoft Dynamics-based technology brings more than 500 new features and visual enhancements that will help law firms better use the information they have to manage and analyze client relationships. CRM4Legal 2011 offers more benefits than ever before, and the graphical user interface allows for seamless adaptation from the end user, making the product one of the most effective ways to improve revenues. CompuLaw LLC announced the addition of new rule sets covering the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”) domain name dispute resolution procedures. These rule sets supplement CompuLaw’s already comprehensive collection of Intellectual Property offerings. Subscribers can now navigate formal proceedings before the National Arbitration Forum, one of ICANN’s approved dispute providers. Specifically, 42 Peer to Peer Content Analyst Company announced it has released CAAT version 3.9. CAAT V3.9 extends CAAT’s advanced analytics to add new features that drive language detection, near-duplicate document detection and additional email threading capabilities. CAAT’s language detection can identify all the languages in a document down to individual phrases. CAAT’s near-duplicate document detection identifies all textually similar documents (i.e., documents that have a common parent). Additional email threading capabilities include the ability to identify the “most-inclusive” email, track changes in email attachments and track threading changes when new documents are added. D4, LLC announced eNtrust to formalize its offering of managed services. D4’s eNtrust, available as a fixed-cost, subscription-based model, is a unique combination of the latest hardware, software and people that can be customized to meet an organizations specific set of discovery requirements. eNtrust was designed to give legal departments in-house e-discovery capabilities that are scalable for virtually all legal matters. The benefit is a highly responsive, streamlined process that delivers substantial and predictable cost savings. (formerly Deadlines On Demand) announced the rebranded service and completely redesigned website. Beyond simplifying the name to, their Web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) has been enhanced to help small firms better manage malpractice risks based on missed deadlines.’s service is now available with a flat-rate pricing option, auto-emailed reminders of upcoming deadlines and auto- synchronization with Outlook, as well as a variety of PDF reports that users can run to check on deadlines, court dates and personal appointments. DocSolid, makers of Airmail2 document imaging for law firms, together with World Software Corporation, the company behind the Worldox document management system software, announced the integration of their products. The cloud-based solution allows law firms to file scanned documents directly into a matter workspace in their Worldox document management system. and e-Stet announced that it recently adopted Equivio>Relevance technology to streamline its e-discovery and e-review services. Through its expert-based predictive coding technology, Equivio>Relevance helps litigators navigate smoothly through the mountains of electronically stored information to find the documents they need –– quickly and efficiently. Compared to incumbent approaches, which are based on keyword searching and linear review, the Equivio technology enables the review of fewer documents while discovering significantly more of the relevant documents. and Elite announced the release of ProLaw XII, a newly designed version of the leading One Office financial and practice management system, built entirely on the Microsoft .NET platform and featuring enhanced reporting features and integration with Microsoft Outlook to help automate the practice and manage the business of law. With ProLaw XII, law firms, government agencies and corporate legal departments now have advanced tools to help them manage smarter, with interactive reports that access all relevant case, client and financial information. and iEnvision Technology, Inc. and W Venture LLC announced a strategic alliance to more effectively service their information lifecycle management clients. W Venture’s records management (RM) and best practices consulting expertise, combined with iEnvision’s document management system (DMS) and information management practice will provide end-to-end, one-stop solutions (from DMS design to RM policies and system selections) for corporate legal, the reinsurance industry, as well as accounting and financial services. and FOCUS

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