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June 2011

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Shaping theFirm production applications on a day-to-day basis. The question becomes, not “Will IT survive?”, but “How will IT evolve?” These changes in paradigms will lead IT to prioritize on solutions, not products. As Mr. Koulopoulos states in his article, the difference between surviving and staying ahead of the curve depends on the ability of the IT department to be able to evolve to a state of consultancy. What is most important, however, is enabling your team to grow and take on that role. C 70 Peer to Peer loud computing, server and desktop virtualization, multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), VoIP, online collaboration — these are all examples of technology that have been commoditized beyond the point of our need to maintain many The Service of Technology We all know law firms bring a different dynamic than the corporate world — we serve the billable hour. Isn’t it time that IT considers its time billable to the attorney? Now, I’m not saying we charge our attorneys for our time. I am suggesting, however, that we take the concept of “aligning with the business” to a new level. Future of the by Andrew Collier, CIO at Ice Miller

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