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June 2011

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ILTA STAFF Administrative RANDI MAYES EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR CRISTIN GAFFNEY ACCOUNTING ADMINISTRATOR GRACE PALMA CONCIERGE - MEMBER SERVICES ADMINISTRATOR Programming and Vendor Relations PEGGY WECHSLER PROGRAM DIRECTOR DEB HIMSEL PROGRAM MANAGER - CORE EDUCATION TJ JOHNSON PROGRAM MANAGER - CONFERENCES GAYNOR SENYSZYN CONFERENCE COORDINATOR KRISTY COSTELLO PEER GROUP COORDINATOR JUDY COUVILLION REGIONAL COORDINATOR KEN HANSEN VENDOR COORDINATOR EVA LEOS ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT IT and Online Services CLAY GIBNEY IT DIRECTOR JEANNE MARTINEZ ONLINE SERVICES ADMINISTRATOR Publications RANDI MAYES EDITOR-IN-CHIEF KRISTY COLE COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST ANGELA ROARK MARKETING DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST KENDALL LAZORCHAK CREATIVE DESIGN SPECIALIST Peer to Peer the quarterly magazine of ILTA 9 Randi Mayes Executive Director The excellent content that abounds in this issue sparked an idea for us to amass those tens of thousands of words and filter them in a “word cloud” on the facing page. You can see the prominent terms that rise to the surface. While terms like “technology,” “business” and “law” could be anticipated, I was happy to see that “client” and “clients” were popular terms — with a client-focused service model, our future is assured. “Security” and “risk” are terms that will likely get larger in future word clouds, and my eye is drawn to the relative popularity of “iPad.” Our go-anywhere computing devices are here to stay. When you have a moment, take a look at all the words in between — they truly encapsulate the essence of this edition. We celebrate the branding of our Law2020TM I concept by incorporating the colors of our logo in the design; this magazine will surely stand out on your bookshelf when lined up with the other three issues for the year. It’s full speed ahead to 2020, and I’m glad to know that the ILTA community is leading the charge. from the director initiative is proving to be a real catalyst for thought-provoking content as we collectively anticipate and embrace the changes that are afoot in our firms and law departments. It’s an exciting time, and I am deeply appreciative of the many contributors who’ve shared their visions and their real-world experiences while riding the wave of change. LTA’s Law2020TM

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