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June 2011

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Trends of the Future Law Firm 96 Peer to Peer Tech J Carey Ransom and Brad Cooper explain how communications advancements will impact the law firm of the future. ust nine years ago, social media did not exist. Mobile devices consisted of “dumb” cellular phones. Google was just a second-ranked search engine. In looking ahead nine years to 2020, there will be technologies, channels and companies that have yet to come to market, but that will dramatically shape law firm communications, recruitment and client development. Below is a look into some of these trends: Mobility The smallest and widest array of devices will be powered and connected to the online grid: vehicles, watches, pens, glasses, etc. Law firms will need to be able to feed their content, news and brand messages through dozens of different form factors and types of mobile devices. Firms will also need device delivery expertise and technologies to help them “right-size” their content to reach clients anywhere and everywhere. Micro-Targeting Need to reach 50 in-house counsel attorneys at technology firms with 100 or more employees within a 60 mile radius of San Francisco? No problem. Marketing and advertising platforms will allow unprecedented precision in sending the right message

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