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20 1 4 AU G U ST PRINTWEAR | 69 about what is working, and when you can commit the time on an ongoing basis. Otherwise, let it ride! CONCEPT #3: DO MORE WITH LESS What it means: As business owners, we love all the "shiny objects." New tools, new online opportunities, new software, new designs, new systems—we want them all! We are addicted to them. We also want to be in on all the latest trends. But, some- times it makes more sense to evaluate what you are doing to determine what is work- ing before abandoning it for something new. How to apply it: When you are feeling overwhelmed, ask yourself, "What little thing could I change right now?" Get off the computer and social media. Quit dig- itizing designs in house. Get over the idea that the floor has to be spotless during a short run with tearaway backings. Rip it and go! Get the job done. Only check email twice a day. Return calls every morning rather than throughout the day, causing you to stop machines and lose production time. Give yourself per- mission to stop trying to do it all, all the time. The results might shock you. Doing less has a way of showing you what is really important. You can always tweak these little choices. Tinker with your changes until you find the combination that works best for you. CONCEPT # 4: THERE IS ONLY ONE CUSTOMER What it means: Know that all customers are not created equal. Yet, we need to recog- nize that the opportunities that lie within each customer are unknown. How to apply it: Treat every customer like they are the most important one you've ever worked with. For all you know, they could become your most profitable, longest running client, or even be their spouse or best friend. CONCEPT #5: TUNE OUT THE NOISE What it means: The more information we take in, the more noise we are exposed to. We are sure that the more information we get, the better off we will be. There is a catch, unfortunately. A lot of the information is simply noise, and brings nothing of value to our business. How to apply it: When you have a specific challenge or issue, stay focused on finding solutions for that situation. It is all too easy to get sidetracked with some "shiny object" that you come across; then there we go, off on a left turn, completely forgetting that we were looking for a supplier for product X or tool Y when we started the search. IT'S IN YOUR HANDS How you handle and respond to uncertainty and unexpected situations is up to you. By actively evaluating the situation and applying the strategies above, you can adapt and learn from change and challenges better and faster than larger organizations. Your size and nimbleness as an independent business owner can be one of your great- est assets. Life will bring some crazy stuff and park it on your doorstep. Will you let it stop you? Or will you look at and be able to see it for what it is: a funky opportunity that only you have recognized? pw

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