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C U S T O M E - M A I L S REACH YOUR AUDIENCE RIGHT IN THEIR INBOXES Designed by you or by our team of graphic designers, custom emails allow you to put your products at readers' fingertips as they're making their purchasing decisions. CUSTOM EMAIL SPECS • All clients must sign an Email Distribution Agreement and provide an opt-out list before email can be sent. • Clients submitting HTML code must provide files at least five working days prior to the scheduled send date. • Email blasts should not be wider than 600 pixels and images can not be saved locally. • All emails must be designed using tables. The use of DIV tags is not accepted. • If there are issues with the HTML code, feedback will be provided to the client to fix the code. If the client chooses to have Great American Media Services change the code there will be a minimum charge of $499. • All Custom Email blasts will be labeled as an advertisement at the bottom. • To receive the following pricing, email blast materials must meet Great American Media Services' specifications. If it does not meet specifications, design fee will apply. • Clients must submit new HTML code for any email blast sent within 30 days of their most recent custom email. CUSTOM EMAIL RATES List rental cost is $350 per 1,000 contacts $250 (+$350/m list rental) • 1 subject line • 1 version of email content $399 (+$350/m list rental) • 2 subject lines • 1 version of email content $499 (+$350/m list rental) • 1 subject line • 2 versions of email content $750 (+$350/m list rental) • 2 subject lines (A/B testing) • 1 version of email content • Review analytic reports • Resend most succesful version to remaining audience Need help with your design? We offer design/build services. $499 per version, +$350/m list rental. W E B I N A R S EDUCATE THE INDUSTRY ABOUT YOUR PRODUCTS Online seminars are a great way to educate the industry about your products while providing them valuable information they need to succeed. Speakers — either chosen by our sponsors or our editors — present information to an engaged audience on topics important to them. Each webinar can host up to 100 people from the comfort of their own computers. All webinar sponsors are included in pre-webinar marketing materials, have a chance to present during the webinar and receive contact information on all registered attendees. Call Marnie Lawson at 616-887-9008, ext. 122, for rates and availability. WEBINAR SPONSOR RATES SPONSOR ONLY • 100 seats $3,995 COMPANY/PRODUCT SPECIFIC • 100 seats $6,995 • 100+ seats $9,995 C U S T O M A D V E R T I S I N G S O C I A L M E D I A REACH AN ENGAGED AUDIENCE THROUGH A SPONSORED SOCIAL MEDIA POST Reach an engaged audience of growers through a sponsored social media post. Your content will be posted on the Produce Processing Facebook page as a sponsored post and then will be tweeted to thousands of followers, multiplying its reach even further. With Produce Processing's social media reach growing every day, there's no limit to how many people could see your message. There are only limited opportunities available throughout the year, so be sure to secure your spot early. MARNIE LAWSON Advertising Manager P 616.887.9008 EXT. 122 C 616.881.3801 F 616.887.2666 prosales@ COURTNEY CULEY Digital Engagement Editor P 616.887.9008 ext. 114 F 616.887.2666 cculey@ KIMBERLY BAKER Director of Media Services P 616.887.9008 ext. 110 F 616.887.2666 kbaker@ LEE DEAN Editorial Director P 616.887.9008 ext. 120 F 616.887.2666 proedit@ MATT MCCALLUM Publisher P 616.887.9008 ext. 101 F 616.887.2666 mmccallum@ M E E T T H E T E A M 8 P R O D U C E P R O C E S S I N G | 2 0 1 5 M E D I A K I T JIM YOUNG Multimedia Designer P 616.887.9008 ext. 117 F 616.887.2666 proproduction@

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