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rv-pro.com SEPTEMBER 2014 • RV PRO • 85 place the customer on hold and get the business manager on the line. If the business manager is busy with a customer, get the assis- tant business manager or sales manager on the line.) Once all parties are connected, the call should be set up for success by having the salesperson introduce the business manager. Salesperson: "Mr. Customer, I have _______(the business manager) on the line with us. ___________(the business man- ager), Mr. Customer just purchased a (motorhome, fifth wheel, travel trailer, etc.) from us and is asking for ______ (time and day) as a delivery date. I will get the documentation to you as quickly as possible. "Mr. Customer, I would like for you to meet __________, one of our business managers who will be completing the documenta- tion of the sale. ank you, Mr. Customer, again, for the purchase." At this point, the salesperson should hang up, and the customer and business manager should remain on the line. Business manager: "Mr. / Mrs. Customer, when I get your documentation from the sales representative, I will review the documentation, and I will be able to see what needs to be done. "Meanwhile, I would like to send you an email with some links about some opportunities for you to protect your new RV. Afterward, I will need to spend about 10 to 15 minutes on the telephone with you after I have reviewed the file. What is the best method of contact for you?" Keep in mind, the customer might be at work, they might be driving, or they might say "Call me right back." e key is finding out when he will have 15 minutes to share with you and will he be near a computer at the same time. e business manager should send the new customer an email with links to information about the dealership's first-visit products and services. e value of the professional hand-off is for the customer to know from the sales department that there is a next step. at next step is up to the business manager, who will be in further contact with the customer prior to delivery. e value of the email is to provide information to the customer to get them thinking about how to protect their coach. You may send them the first-visit PowerPoint, or you might choose to send the customer the protection product brochures in PDF format. The 'GoToMeeting' Avenue If you have access to GoToMeeting, you can simply make an appointment with the customer for them to be on a website meeting with the business manager. Using this tool, the business manager can invite the customer to a meeting and the visual is done using both the business manager's and customer's computer screens. If the computers have cameras, the business manager can be seen doing his/her presentation by the customer. If the customer has a camera function on his computer, he will be able to be seen by the business manager, thereby establishing a line of sight between all parties. Establishing a line of sight is always a plus. 2014 Education with Jan Kelly • 3-Day Comprehensive F&I Seminars September 16-18, 2014 Portland, Oregon October 14-16, 2014 Portland, Oregon November 4-6, 2014 Portland, Oregon December 9-11, 2014 Portland, Oregon • F&I 20 Group Accepting applications. Visiting our web site for the downloadable pdf or email Jan@jlkelly.com for your request. Call 800-336-4275 or visit www.JLKelly.com for more information on our various Profit Building educational venues! For advertising reservations or for more information contact one of our Sales Executives. REACH MORE RV Pros! w w w. r v - p r o . c o m Wendy Miles Sales Executive (800) 669-0424 x 254 wmiles@nbm.com Chris Cieto Sales Executive (800) 669-0424 x 253 ccieto@nbm.com

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