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rv-pro.com SEPTEMBER 2014 • RV PRO • 87 You can also offer a full winterization package and increase your billable hours. is package could include the basic package along with cleaning and rinsing out the holding tanks, rinsing out the water heater tank, replacing the anode rods, and inspecting the roof and vent lids. Also, if a customer doesn't have a water heater by-pass kit or water pump converter kit, offer to install those items for future winterization ease. And don't forget about those outdoor showers, icemakers, washing machines and dishwashers! If your customer doesn't want either of those packages, maybe you can come up with a package in the middle that suits their needs. Meanwhile, don't forget to start scheduling the spring flushes with each winterization, or at least print up some fliers to leave in each RV to remind customers to get their spring flushes done at your dealership. I also recommend printing off a checklist of everything done and put a winterization sticker on the unit with a date and your technician's initials. Your checklist can also be offered to your do-it-yourself customers, or you can put together a much more in-depth list of what it takes for them to winterize their own RVs. When scheduling, don't forget to build in the RVs on your lot, and if you offer storage services, to make sure you reach out to those customers as well. e nice part of servicing your lot or storage unit RVs is that you can set up a truck or flatbed trailer on your lot with an air compressor, a generator, tools and antifreeze to streamline your lot winterization. Instead of moving each unit into the repair bays, you can just move from unit to unit. Next up, you need to help your full-time RVers. If the customer's RV didn't come with a winter prep package, they will need to look at tank heaters, skirting, a heated hose, and any other products designed to make getting through the winter a little more com- fortable. If you don't have an outlet for skirting, you might reach out to another type of business that offers that service and refer customers to them, or subcontract that work out. If you have mobile service, you can offer a preseason preventive maintenance service. For example, offer a furnace, water heater and refrigerator clean out service, offer roof and vent inspection, and offer gas tests. Another item you can offer your full-timers is an auxiliary propane tank, 100-pound bottle, and the proper LP gas hoses to go with it. Just a reminder, if you have customers that are snowbirds, have them check the weather on their route south. If they are getting a late start, they might want to do at least a minimal winterization before they leave so they don't run into issues when they get to their winter destination. You are also heading into hunting season, so the same can apply to this group of customers that applies to your snowbirds.

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