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Introducing the Revolutionary Gold Heat Mats Country Coach was the first RV manufac- turer to implement the thin Gold Heat mats, which lay flat and undetected by RV owners while heating the tile under their feet. Other customers followed. Gold Heat is now a standard option with most high-line motorhome manufacturers, such as Newell Coach, Monaco RV, Foretravel Motorcoach, Newmar, American Coach, Renegade RV, and Equine Coach. Those manufacturers tout the Gold Heat system for its ease of installation, and advanced diagnostic and troubleshooting tools. However, Millard says he is most proud of Aries Engineering's record in responding to customer inquiries and its punctual 10-business day order fulfill- ment and delivery to manufacturers. "The RV industry is very demanding. There have been times we've done a layout, built it and shipped the same day," he says. "I have, on more than one occasion, driven mats to the UPS Center at the airport because the company's fabrication department had missed all of the regular pickups. You have an extra hour after last pickup to actually drive it to the airport yourself. "We work hard to make sure that whether on the build end, or the service end, we're never stalling the production of a coach on the line. We want things to move through efficiently for our customers," Millard says. "One of the tenets of the industry: You don't want a million dollar coach waiting on a $100 part." Gold Heat: Designed to Deliver Maximum Comfort Gold Heat mats radiate 15 watts of power per square foot, which is the legal maximum for radiant systems of this type. "I met an RV owner with Gold Heat that had been motor-coaching for 35 years and had bought four different coaches," Mil- lard says. "He said radiant flooring was the biggest improvement to the comfort of his coach he ever made." Millard says consumers who experience a floor wired with Gold Heat understand the unrivaled physical and psychological com- forts of radiant heat. "Peoples' posture relaxes, and their arms, that they've been holding close to their bodies, sort of float out," he says. A 1960's study by The American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), which sets indoor comfort standards, con- firmed radiant heat as the most comfortable and efficient form of interior heat. Easy, Efficient Installation Gold Heat mats are fabricated in 5- to 100-square-foot sizes customized to fit any floor plan design. "When it comes out of the box, it's already made to conform to all of the nooks and crannies and complicated geometries inside a coach, which makes it the fastest and the easiest electric radiant to install, bar- none," he says. Usually, two or three mats are used to cover the floor of a Class A motorhome, sep- arating the coach's interior into individually- controllable zones. A new product introduced by Aries, called Black Gold, makes radiant flooring possible even under wood flooring, vinyl, carpet and engineered flooring. "With the Black Gold product, we're hoping we can start seeing people down in the $200,000 price point to enjoy this upgraded level of comfort," Millard says. "Now, radiant heat is no longer limited to ceramic tile floors. And our existing cus- tomers with tiled floors can add Black Gold in carpeted areas, like under the dinette in a conventional slide-out. We can cover an entire coach with a very consistent heat output, regardless of the flooring or floor covering." To illustrate how easy Gold Heat is to install, Millard recalls a visit he made to Monaco Coach several years ago, where he saw an installation first-hand. He watched as a two-hour floor install was underway, before Monaco's production workers installed the cabinets in the coach. "The chassis rolled into the station – they had already pre-cut the tile and were ready to start mixing the thin-set mortar to lay the flooring – and they pulled a 100-square-foot Gold Heat mat out of the box," he says. "They were putting in a big custom Gold Heat mat for the Living Room and Galley area" "They had that mat installed in 12 min- utes. They pulled it out of the box, and 12 minutes later the mat was installed and they were throwing mortar and setting tile." 2014 Tiffin Allegro Bus Thin Gold Heat heating wires are cemented permanently into place directly beneath ceramic tiles.

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