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44 • RV PRO • SEPTEMBER 2014 rv-pro.com W hile Elkhart Open House Week remains primarily an event for RV manu- facturers to show off new units, a number of suppliers and at least one distributor also will host events for dealers that include new aftermarket product unveilings, meetings with company reps, plant tours and more. COAST DISTRIBUTION/ HUSKY TOWING PRODUCTS New for 2014, Coast Distribution is allowing select RV suppliers to showcase their wares at its Husky Technical Center at 524 Pine Creek Court in Elkhart during Open House Week. With much of the focus during Open House Week squarely on RV makers, Coast's new endeavor should provide a nice opportunity for RV suppliers to get some exposure, according to Steve Holt, the company's vice president of brand and corporate marketing. "We wanted to let some of our vendors participate with us in Open House Week," he explains. "Because the thing with Open House Week is, if you're Coast, it's fine: We have facilities right there in Elkhart and we can stage an event. But if you're (a supplier), your best hope may be able to camp on with one of your OEM suppliers, and not everyone can do that." So, Coast established what it is calling the Product Showcase, allowing up to six suppliers to set up displays at its Tech- nical Center. As of early August, Carefree of Colorado, Purple Line Trailer Movers, Valterra, RV Products and Winegard had committed to display featured products. Holt says featured Product Showcase suppliers are expected to highlight new products, or those with features that lend themselves to being displayed. In some cases, suppliers will man their own space, while in others they may have a Coast ter- ritory rep do it for them. Dealers are welcome to tour Coast's Husky Technical Center and the compa- ny's nearly 130,000-square-foot warehouse facility at 3002 Coast Court, during normal Elkhart Open House Week By Travis O. Pryor and Bradley Worrell Suppliers, Distributor also Hosting Events for Dealers MADE IN THE USA KNOCK OUT NASTY MALODORS Single Shot 3 in 1 Disinfectant, Deodorizer, & Sanitizer • Kills odor causing germs and controls mold & mildew • Fogger releases in minutes – return to space in 2 hours • Non staining and dries residue free • Leaves room fresh and odor free Odor Blast All Surface Odor & Moisture Extractor • Gets rid of embedded odors in carpets and upholstery • Advanced granular formula oxygenates and lifts old and new odors including mold & mildew • Sprinkle, let set, and vacuum Refreshed Odor Neutralizing Gel with Activated Charcoal • Removes odors quickly & permanently • For use during storage and enclosed areas • Covers up to 1,000 sq. ft. up to 90 days • Use in refrigerators, cabinets, bathrooms, and closets Nodor Natural Citrus Odor Eliminator • Uses the fresh, natural power of citrus oils to clear foul odors with just one spray • Eliminates odors caused by cooking, pets, smoke, and trash odors AVAILABLE THRU: Arrow Distributing • Atlas Trailer Coach Products • Bell Industries Keller Marine & RV • Northern Wholesale Supply • NTP Distribution • Stag-Parkway

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