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50 • RV PRO • SEPTEMBER 2014 rv-pro.com T oday's preferred residential kitchen look runs heavily to granite, whether it's being delivered as natural stone, or via a manmade product such as natural quartz (also known as engineered stone) or solid surface. And while weight and durability likely will keep stone and natural quartz out of everything except the largest motorhomes, solid-surface products – especially those that mimic the look of stone – are finally making a splash in the RV industry, and not just in higher-end units. It's a look that says not only "quality" but also "home" to discerning buyers. Beautiful, Functional Not surprisingly, the RV industry tends to follow trends in the residential market, and that's been the case when it comes to countertops, although it has taken some time for some products to take hold. For example, at one time high-pressure lami- nates (HPL) such as Formica were the go-to product for countertops everywhere. en, in the late 1960s, a scientist at Wilmington, Del.-based DuPont Co. developed Corian – and the residential countertop market hasn't been the same since. Even as homeowners moved first to Corian and its solid-surface competitors, and then on to granite and natural quartz, HPL has remained the staple of RV coun- tertops, mainly due to its weight and ease of fabrication. Now, however, as homeowners shop for RVs, they've become accustomed to the look of stone in their kitchens and baths – and they're wanting to move beyond laminates. "People are looking at what they see in their homes and what they see in other high-end homes, and they want the same experience," says Tom Perich, North American surfaces marketing man- ager for DuPont. "People have granite in their homes and they want the same look and feel in their RVs – even in the higher-end towables." RV Countertops Taking on a More Residential Look Solid-sur face products are holding their own as a lightweight, attractive option for RV countertops. By K. Schipper

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