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vehicle," Perich says. "All that shaking and bouncing as you drive around means the material has to flex quite a bit, and Corian does that." Of course, durability goes beyond that. Robert Weed's Hosinski notes that every countertop product has positive attributes that are used to market it. However, RVs have special requirements. "In our environment we have to have a product that will perform well in extreme cold, as well as extreme heat," he says. "It also has to cycle between hot and cold in a short period of time. All the products that are being used in this market are designed for extremes of heat and cold, as well as color and durability." Moore says Mystera offers a 10-year warranty, although GSP generally finds when there's a claim against the product it's due to fabrication technique, rather than a manufacturing error. And, he observes that many coach owners don't retain their units for the life of the warranty. Other attractive attributes of the solid- surface products are that they're easy to fabricate, easy to install, and easy to repair if damaged. "Solid surface is easy to fabricate because anything that can cut wood can pretty much cut solid surface," says Maxstone's Juang. "If you have a few hand tools and a table saw, you can be in business." However, for an OEM looking to put the same product in a number of the same units, Juang notes it can also easily be fab- ricated on an automated CNC router. A big attraction with solid surface, according to Samsung's Dokko, is that it can be installed without visible seams for what he calls, "a clean and sleek surface." Still another advantage: For people in a high-use environment with the possibility of rough conditions, if a solid-surface countertop is damaged, repair generally involves those same hand tools used in the fabrication. "It's easy to come in and repair it," says DuPont's Perich. "With Corian, you can come in and very quickly do a repair, and the product is back to looking as good as new. From that standpoint, it's a very eco- nomical choice." It's that versatility that's helped put solid surface on the bathroom vanity, and per- haps the shower, as well as in the kitchen. Juang says it's light enough to compete RV Countertops 54 • RV PRO • SEPTEMBER 2014 rv-pro.com Maxxstone International says solid- surface products are easy to fabricate, easy to install and easy to repair if damaged. Such products also offer versatility, allowing them to be installed in the bathroom sink and shower as well as the kitchen. PHOTOS COURTESY OF MAXSTONE INTERNATIONAL

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