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rv-pro.com SEPTEMBER 2014 • RV PRO • 61 an opportunity to acquire new stores in those states, negotiating favorable lease arrangements. e dealership now operates six stores across Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. One key value in raising employees within an organization – as Paul Evert did with Curtis – is the ability to leverage organizational knowledge that comes with time, e Workforce Consultants' Zugec says. "ese employees know the history of the organization and have ties to the industry networks," she says. "at's something that doesn't really come when you hire a new employee outside of the organization." However, the other side of the coin is that employees who possess a great deal of organizational knowledge may still not possess the competencies needed to run an organization, Zugec adds. "An owner needs to know how to be strategic. ey need to know how to manage people and what it takes to drive a business forward," she says. "Employees think, 'How can I meet the goals of the organization?' An owner is tasked with setting those goals and objectives." In this way, there's a distinct difference in how employees and owners think about tasks and responsibility. Developing Soft Skills Zugec identifies communication, stra- tegic thinking, and partnership as the three leading soft skills that ownership – and even manager hopefuls – often need to develop to transition to a leadership role. A leader, Zugec says, must possess the ability to communicate at all levels of an organization and across different generations. One strength an internal hire possesses in that regard, says e Alternative Board's Lynda Zugec, managing director of The Workforce Consultants, identifies communication, strategic thinking and partnership as the three leading soft skills that manager hopefuls need to develop to transition to a leadership role.

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