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66 • RV PRO • SEPTEMBER 2014 rv-pro.com • special promotional orders • critical orders … and you multiply these many vari- ables many times. So, how could your parts manager remember – or at least quickly refer to – these many policies and procedures from each of your primary suppliers? She could email me and request a copy of my Vendor P&P Matrix tool, a portion of which is shown in Figure 1 (seen on page 64). Given that this tool is an Excel file, your parts manager can modify the row heights, the column widths, and even insert images into the document so that she can customize the reference tool to suit the information that is contained within. And, as your suppliers change their policies and procedures, your parts manager can easily revise the reference document to reflect those changes. In fact, the frequency with which your suppliers change their policies and proce- dures was Question No. 3 at the start of this column. As part of his customization of the Supplier P&P Matrix, your parts man- ager could include any change cycle infor- mation when listing each supplier in the suppliers' column of the P&P Matrix. Also, as a reminder, perhaps a recurring entry in his scheduling calendar could ensure that he revises the P&P Matrix whenever any of the policies and procedures are changed by any of your suppliers. Gee, this seems like another one of those tasks that Selway recommends and which require some time to accomplish. Yes, that is a correct observation. However, the time spent in developing and maintaining your business' Supplier P&P Matrix will be recovered many times through more effi- cient and accurate transactions with your suppliers. So invest now for many future returns on that investment. Elsewhere in this column, I recom- mended that your parts manager obtain printed (paper or digital) copies of each supplier's policies and procedures. The source(s) for that go to answering Ques- tion No. 4 and there could be several. Most suppliers (OEM and aftermarket) have a corporate website. Usually, there is a tab or button on the website that provides information about the supplier and how to transact business with that supplier. Your parts manager could try this as a first source of the supplier policies and procedures. If that source is not possible, or if your parts manager is unable to locate the infor- mation on the website, then she could con- tact the sales representative for that supplier and request a printed copy of the policies and procedures. Alternatively, she could ask how to locate those policies and procedures on the supplier's website. A third source could be the parts man- ager at another RV dealership or service facility with which your parts manager has a business relationship. at parts man- ager might have the printed copies that she could email/ fax to your parts manager; or, she might be able to talk your parts manager through the steps to obtain that information on the website(s). Whether you decide to develop a Sup- plier P&P reference tool is up to you. It will depend on your business policies and procedures. " I am posing these five questions because I believe that it is very important that you are aware of the policies and procedures set forth by your primary suppliers of parts, accessories, and materials. " (800) 232-2079 (715) 255-9332 Fax CanvasReplacements.com The Old is Gone... Look! The NEW Has Come. II Cor 5:17 • REPLACEMENT CANVAS FOR COLEMAN, JAYCO, STARCRAFT AND ALL OTHER POPUP BRANDS! • HECO AND C&R LIFT SYSTEMS! • F ULL L INE R ESTORATION A CCESSORIES! • S TILL P ROUDLY M ADE IN THE USA! Replacement Canvas Hard to Find Parts Vintage Camper Parts New Old Stock Parts Most Comprehensive Popup Parts Inventory in the USA! Get Camping! Since 1957, Canvas and Parts for Nearly Every Popup Camper Ever Made! 2472 SW Ferry St Albany, OR 97322 (888) 741-0259 www.simply-smarter.com Replacement systems for Monaco Aladdin ™ available now from SilverLeaf Electronics Installs in One Day. Uses existing wiring. No repinning connectors. Uses RV-C technology. Fully configured out of the box. No special tools required. Accepted by Extended Warranty Companies. Easy to quote.

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