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8 • RV PRO • SEPTEMBER 2014 rv-pro.com I t's often said that the only constant in this world is change, and that definitely seems to be the case for the Elkhart Open House Week Extravaganza. For example, while putting together our extensive sneak peek coverage of the event for this month's issue, a number of emerging patterns revealed themselves: • First, the Elkhart name may now be something of a misnomer. Yes, the event itself continues to be held in Elkhart, Ind., but increasingly RV manufacturers are coming from across North America to display RVs at the show. is is evidenced by the fact that Pennsylvania-based Columbia Northwest/ Aliner, Ohio- based Little Guy Worldwide, Alabama-based Tiffin, California- based Lance Camper, Texas-based Cricket Trailers and Canada- based Roadtrek all will be showcasing models. • Second, the show's center of gravity has clearly shifted to Elkhart proper, and to the Hall of Fame grounds in particular. For example, as recently as three years ago, many non-Elkhart based RV makers were hosting their events at their facto- ries in nearby communities or at spots along County Road 6 somewhere midway between Forest River's Dynamax plant and or Industries' display at the RV/ MH Hall of Fame. In contrast, this year no fewer than 14 RV manufacturers are concentrated around the Hall of Fame, which is undoubtedly a record. • ird, even as some out-of-state RV makers decide it's worth displaying units, some Indiana-based RV makers are reevaluating the value of hosting an Elkhart display. Among them, Winnebago Towables and Riverside Travel Trailers have opted this year to instead offer factory tours of their facilities in Middlebury and Peru, respectively, and Bristol-based Renegade RV was reporting in early August that it wasn't planning on hosting any type of event for dealers. • Fourth, it appears that an admittedly small but growing number of suppliers see the value of having a presence at Open House Week. is is evidenced by the fact that a number of suppliers are participating in Coast Distribution's Product Showcase event and that a number of suppliers that hosted events last year are doing so again this year. Of course, just as the Elkhart Extravaganza has changed over the years, we've changed up our coverage to better serve our readers. In particular, we've obtained more show details from large and small RV manufacturers alike, we've expanded our coverage of supplier events, and we've greatly enhanced our show maps to make them more useful. Be sure to check out our extensive event coverage beginning on page 22. Correction: Dream Lighting LLC in August RV PRO An article in the August issue of RV PRO regarding RV LED lighting contained incorrect information regarding one of the featured companies, Dream Lighting LLC. Specifically: • e article indicated that the company's LED lighting could cause signal interfer- ence for radios and TVs in RVs. Dream Lighting says its LEDs are guaranteed not to cause signal interference even in the small space of an RV. • Dream Lighting is based in the U.S.A., and not in Australia, as the article stated. • e company doesn't actually manufacturer its own diodes, as the article stated, but instead it purchases them from major global suppliers and incorporates them into its end products. RV PRO regrets the errors. Elkhart Extravaganza Continues to Evolve Bradley Worrell Editor brad@nbm.com P.O. Box 1416, Broomfield, CO 80038 (800) 669-0424 • (303) 469-0424 FAX (303) 469-5730 • rv-pro.com PUBLISHER: Dana Nelsen (800) 669-0424, ext. 257 / dnelsen@nbm.com EDITOR: Bradley Worrell (800) 669-0424, ext. 299 / brad@nbm.com ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Travis O. Pryor (800) 669-0424, ext. 284 / tpryor@nbm.com STAFF WRITER: Jesse Sidlauskus (800) 669-0424, ext. 295 / jsidlauskas@nbm.com SALES EXECUTIVES: Wendy Miles (800) 669-0424, ext. 254 / wmiles@nbm.com Chris Cieto (800) 669-0424, ext. 253 / ccieto@nbm.com ADVERTISING PRODUCTION COORDINATOR: Ashley Banks (800) 669-0424 ext. 215 / abanks@nbm.com ART DIRECTOR: Kim M. Wright GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Anthony Toddy CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Holli Koster, Al Lewis, K. Schipper, Gene Stowe, Mark Battersby, Lee Berryman, Rusty Dunham, Jan Kelly and Mel Selway ©2014 National Business Media, Inc., all rights reserved. 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