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84 • RV PRO • SEPTEMBER 2014 rv-pro.com ink about this process as it stands now. If you were a cus- tomer with a delivery date, and an amount due, what would you do? Most of us would go shopping for a loan. Additionally, we would contact our insurance agent to advise them of our purchase. e end result is the current process is limiting the opportunity for the business manager to obtain insurance quotes, it is curtailing the ability to secure financing, and it is inviting other lenders to scrutinize the dealership's sales figures and the trade evaluations. What is the solution? First of all, the sales manager should obtain the customer's com- mitment to purchase – not to have him sign the purchase order. e business manager should be collecting the initial payment and preparing the purchase order in order to maximize the deal. Having the business manager involved in the transaction imme- diately after the decision to purchase has been made is essential to building customer retention and the dealership profitability. If the customer is not physically at the dealership, the sales associate should do a professional hand-off. is simple but effec- tive introduction could be done over the telephone or in an email from the sales associate thanking the customer for the purchase and introducing the business manager. e business manager should be given the documentation as soon as possible – just as if the customer was there at the dealer- ship in person. Time is of the essence. After the business manager gets the documentation, the man- ager should reach out to the customer and make that connection. Building rapport over the telephone is a challenge, as we are used to shaking hands and looking at our customers in the eye. Times have changed – and so must we. e business manager will use modern technology to confirm the sale, and to complete the first visit tasks. e managers should be able to use the Internet to direct the customer to your website and the specific page that highlights the business office's suite of products and services. Many of your venders will already have websites that have video content that the manager will be able to use as a reference. If your website only has a credit application on the site, I would urge you to build up the business office presence on the site. Yes, the credit application is convenient. At the same time, if you had PDFs of your protection products, the managers could email the specific links to your Internet-savvy customer. Also, a few well-placed customer testimonials' could be useful as well in supporting the products. If that course of action is not possible, then have the business managers obtain PDFs of their products and services so that they may send them to the customer for their review and then follow the email up with a telephone call. All this must be done before the delivery of the sold unit. Effective Telephone Contacts Often, the managers call the customers on their cell phones because that is the number that the sales associates provide on the documentation. I have witnessed the managers simply begin to chat without regard to finding out if the call is being made at a convenient time for the customer. With the mobile technology today, we never know if the customer is at work, playing golf, or driving down the highway at 70 miles an hour. e better course of action would be to identify yourself and ask the customer if this is a good time to chat about the transaction. If now is not convenient, ask when will be a better time. Please note that the manager will need about 15 minutes of focused time with the customer. For those businesses that have a "GoToMeeting" account, you can make an appointment to meet online. Using this platform, the manager could use a PowerPoint presentation in place of a presentation book, or other point-of-sale aids. Of course, using web cams with the GoToMeeting venue can establish a line of sight between the business manager and the customer. ere is so much more to the customer connection prior to delivery than just confirming the date and time, type of check for remaining payment due at delivery, and the proof of insurance. As you are reading this article, please remember that most com- munication is 55 percent visual and 35 percent audio. Establishing a line of vision with the customer will be more effective than only a voice. Still, a voice is better than nothing. Word Tracks for the Remote Customer In today's marketing environment, we must use technology to our advantage. Technology can save you time, and if used effectively, it can add to your bottom line. Consider the following example of a successful transition handled over the phone. Salesperson: "ank you, Mr. Customer, for your business. We truly do appreciate it. If I may have just one more minute of your time today, I would like to introduce you to our business manager, who will be instrumental in completing your documentation of the sale. I will place you on hold while I get the manager on the line. (Note: For those businesses that have a three-way calling system,

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