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6 • September 2014 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S Nobody Listens to Me O kay, it's time for me to put on my Andy Rooney industry cur- mudgeon hat and grumble about petty things that irritate me. I know this little rant will not help you become more profitable or gain valuable insights into the ever-changing business climate. I don't expect you to necessarily agree with me either, but at least you'll know where I stand. I'd like to change the world to my way of thinking, but the problem is that nobody listens to me. My first petty complaint has to do with an editorial change in style. We at Sign & Digital Graphics—for consistency's sake—have always (though sometimes loosely) adhered to style guidelines put forth by the venerable Associated Press. This year, AP announced a style change that has been causing some teeth grinding and head shaking among editors everywhere. Starting in May the news co-op began spelling out state names within the bodies of stories rather than abbreviating them the way they have for the last 168 years. The Twittersphere was abuzz with reactions among journalists. All my journalistic life I have used the AP abbreviations for state names in stories (Colo. for Colorado, Ariz. for Arizona, etc.). We've been discussing this at the office a while now and have decided to follow AP on this one. So beginning next month you will see state names spelled out in stories within the pages of this publication. Additionally, I will heretofore always refer to "Associated Press style," and never to "AP style," so there! But my curmudgeonly editor's rant doesn't stop there, no siree. There are innu- merable goofy editorial things in our industry that rub me the wrong way as well. For example, why do so many people—shop owners, manufacturers' reps, CEOs, wholesalers, etc.—say "UV-curable" printer, when they actually mean "UV-curing" printer? I hear it in conversation, and also see it again and again in written press materials, on signage and in white papers—all published by otherwise intelligent people. Think about it. A printer equipped with UV inks and a UV curing system uses its printheads to lay down UV ink on the substrate, which in turn is cured by the onboard UV curing system. The printer, therefore, has the ability to cure the UV inks. The inks in this type of printer are UV-curable, but saying that a printer is UV-curable suggests that the printer itself can be somehow cured when exposed to a dose of ultra violet light. That, to me, makes no sense whatsoever. "I see you have a UV-curable printer there. I wonder how much UV exposure it takes to cure that printer." There's more, of course, but it looks I've just about run out of room for petty rants in this month's column. And besides, nobody listens to me anyway, so what can I do? Maybe I'll send a stern letter to the Associated Press—to their headquar- ters in New York, N.Y.—er... I mean New York, New York. Okay, back to work. __________________________________________ Publisher James "Ruggs" Kochevar – Executive Editor Ken Mergentime – Managing Editor Matt Dixon – __________________________________________ Art Director Linda Cranston Graphic Artist Dayne Pillow Digital Versions Coordinator Gary Markowsky __________________________________________ Advertising Account Executives Kendall Buckley – Dan Peckham – Diane Gilbert – Advertising Production Coordinator Sara Siauw – __________________________________________ Contributors in this Issue: Paula Aven Gladich; Jill Bonilla; Jenny Ivy Byrne; Matt Charboneau; Vince DiCecco; Dustin David; Regan Dickinson; Duane Fast; Scott Franko; Bert Guinee; Charity Jackson; Stephen Romaniello; S. David Rycyna III; Gary Schellerer; Bill Schiffner; Steven Vigeant; Rick Williams; Ray Work, Ph.D. ___________________________________________ Vice President/Events Sue Hueg CEM, CMP – Show Sales Damon Cincotta – Exhibitor Services Snowden Terrill – Julie Brignon – ____________________________________________ National Business Media, Inc. President & CEO Robert H. Wieber Jr. Vice President/Integrated Media John Bennett Vice President/Finance Kori Gonzales, CPA Vice President/Publishing and Markets Dave Pomeroy Director of IT Wolf Butler Director of Audience Lori Farstad Director of Marketing Sarah Frazier B y K E N M E R G E N T I M E e Long View Got something to say? Join the S&DG Discussion Group at:

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