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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • September 2014 • 115 I put down a few samples. The 1 Shot seemed to bite into the semi-smooth plastic, and the modified latex Benjamin Moore had good grab but was a little vulnerable to abrasion stresses. 4'-0" TYP 7'-4 1/8" 11'-1 1/8" TEMPLATE OUTLINES SHOWN N286W-01 2 of 2 ACI MOUNTAIN VIEW Sheet: INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS DRAWING IS THE SOLE PROPERTY OF DIMENSIONAL INNOVATIONS. COPYRIGHT QTY: 1 All Dimensions are in inches unless noted. Standard Tolerances unless otherwise noted: Fractional +- 1/32 Decimal +- .015 Angles +- .5 Deg. PAPER 5/14/2014 Scale: 1:128 ROOF LOGO Material: DUSTIN KELSEY RON BOWEN Project Manager: Project Engineer: WWW.DIMIN.COM 5/14/2014 ALL SIGNAGE TO BE BUILT IN ACCORDANCE WITH ALL CURRENT UL48 SIGNAGE STANDARDS AND ALL LOCAL CODES. SIGNS TO BE PROPERLY GROUNDED AND BONDED. ALL UNITS TO BE PROPERLY MARKED WITH UL LABELS. Engineer: Creative Director: Date: I asked Dimensional Innovations to send me a composite view of their pounce pattern layout and they sent me this vertical layout done by their "engineers." The patterns were done on a craft type paper that seems heavy and durable but actually turned out to be very fragile because they were perforated deeply with a hand-pounce wheel. Butcher bond paper and Electro-pouncing would have been a better choice. It is better to go horizontally along a snap-on for a large project for easier registration.

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