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September '14

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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • September 2014 • 117 crawling that around 3,000 square feet of pounce patterns and paint outlines affords. I could say I charged enough, or not. (OK, I'll tell you, a little over $6K, which over time doesn't sound like a huge amount now, but maybe I did alright because it paid off some impor- tant bills with low-overhead and it was nice that Dimensional Innovations pro- duced the patterns.) But of course all the unexpected issues cut into the total profit. The commute, the roof-cleaning, the limited working time and the general re-arranging of my life that required that I grow up, man up and git 'er done. I would lose all sense of time but at some point, I heard that the CEO was on the premises, and up there I contem- plated the new sound of money, which is no longer "cha-ching" my friends, but rather the hum and roar of huge data- cooling machines on the roof of such a place as I was working. And as I staggered out of that maintenance well, I would try not to frighten any of the employees of the financial institution that I'm sure trades in some pretty fancy values, at least they dress the part. I know I appeared to be hobbled, sun-burned, snow-blinded and filthy with black powder and paint stains galore, and I was, so I'll never quite be sure of what happened when some high-end gentlemen with wheelie travel suitcases came out of the elevator in front of me, but I do hope that I held my head up high, if that was in fact, the first-ever chance encounter in the history of the world, between a billionaire and a blue- collar sign painter. SDG

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