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46 • September 2014 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S DIGITAL PRINTING AND FINISHING DIGITAL GRAPHICS to paint with the pixels. Notice that the area being copied displays a small cross to indicate the sample point. The area that is being painted displays a circle that indicates the brush size. Inside the circle is a preview of the content that will be applied. As you move the brush across the image the cross follows the circle and maintains a constant distance (see Figure 4). Sometimes you'll have to sample more than once. If so, place the cursor outside of the marquee and press Opt5/Alt to sample more pixels. When the Clone Stamp is selected, the Options bar displays three distinct options for sampling and cloning. Current Layer samples only from the layer that is currently active. Current and Below samples from the currently selected layer and all layers below it. All Layers samples the entire docu- ment. All three of these options clone only to the currently selected layer. After you're finished cloning within the selec- tion marquee, deselect the area. With a small soft brush, smooth any ragged edges that might have resulted. Carefully blend the edges of the region with the areas surrounding it. Try not to sample areas too close to the destination as the repetition will be obvious to your viewer, as in Figure 5. Instead sample areas farther away if possible or alter the content by transforming it, or flipping it (which you can with the Clone Source panel). Aligned/Unaligned I should clarify that there are actu- ally two types of clones. The Aligned Clone check box in the Options bar is the default. It assures that when you release the mouse button, move the cursor and Figure 3: The Paste Outside command reverses the mask so that everything outside the selec- tion is revealed. Figure 4: The cross displays the position of what is currently being copied. The circle displays the position of the brush. Figure 5: Try not to sample areas that are too close to the destination as the repetition will be obvious.

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