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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • September 2014 • 65 Color Consistency Our fleet vehicles may come in one at a time or a couple at a time, depend- ing on coverage. But they will typically be parked side-by-side back in the com- pany yard. Consistency in colors, size and placement from one vehicle to another will be obvious. For cut vinyl graphics we note the color and manufacturer on the custom- er's invoice. We also cut a little square of vinyl and place it on either the invoice or work order paperwork to keep on file. If we order in a special color for a customer, we write the company name on a piece of masking tape and place it on the inside of the vinyl roll. When it's hanging on our vinyl rack we can quickly match a particular roll to the customer. For printed graphics we print either a section of the customer's graphics or a smaller version that showcases the col- ors used. Most RIP software will include an option for printing the print profiles right onto the sample printout as well. These printouts can be used for the cus- tomer's initial sign-off on colors and then kept on file for future reference. Scaling and Placement We proof most of our vehicles on either templates or actual photos of the customer's vehicle. When the customer finalizes the layout we keep a copy of the final artwork in their file. Noting all of the sizing for the graphics, especially if the customer orders the same graphic in multiple sizes, is important for scaling consistency. Listing multiple logo sizes, truck numbers, individual graphics, etc., inside the customer's folder along with current pricing is also a great way to streamline the reorder process. Some customers may ask for identifying file names and/or numbers that correspond to a different decal for both their use in reordering and for our use in organizing. This should be noted with the list of graphics as well. We have quite a few truck fleets that we wrap for different companies. Most commonly the fleet will consist of white pickups, but often they will be all differ- ent makes and models of trucks and vans. To maintain consistency in place- ment of the graphics we take photos of the first truck type we do, print them out and then note placement of the graph- ics, the number of inches from the door handle to the start of the graphics, the number of inches from the bottom of the door to the graphics, etc. When the next vehicle comes in we pull this sheet and use it during the installation process. It's important to find previous artwork quickly. Consistency and efficiency make the job easier and more profitable.

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