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ELECTRIC SIGNAGE 86 • September 2014 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S needed, resulting in energy savings over fluorescent. Fluorescent lamps are available in daylight and cool white color options. Because fluorescent lamps require fre- quent replacement, the possibility exists for an installer to grab the wrong color, thus mixing the colors in a sign, causing discoloration. Aging fluorescent lamps also cause discoloration. Fluorescent lamps have a fragmented spectrum, as they age the light fragmentation becomes more prominent producing the appear- ance of red or green tinted light. LEDs on the other hand have a fuller more blended spectrum of color that offers sign makers a more vivid solution with colors that pop and are easier to match to PMS specifications. Aging and cold weather are the big- gest concerns when it comes to the lifes- pan of fluorescent lamps. Aging causes flickering and dimming and ultimately failure without warning. Cold weather amplifies the effects of aging. LED solu- tions on the other hand gradually fade at the end of their life. This gives the sign owner ample time to update a sign without impacting business operation. Environmentally Friendly Compared to incandescent lighting, fluorescent is more energy efficient, however when fluorescents are compared to LED solutions there is a gap. When comparing the life span of an LED solution and fluorescent, LEDs have a considerably longer life and do not con- tain hazardous waste like mercury, mak- ing them easier to recycle. LED solutions are also low-voltage and require less energy, making them not only an eco- friendly solution, but also a candidate for use with solar panels. "LEDs allow for a more cost-effective solar option, unlike fluorescent illumi- nated signs," says Stephanie Holloran, National Sales Manager at SEPCO (http:// "Solar sign lighting systems have been installed for a variety of types and sizes of internally illuminated signs. SEPCO offers a variety "When refurbishing O'Hara's Liquor store, I was looking for a solution to make the raspberry color stand out and illuminate the walkway," says Andy Serrato of Serrato Signs, Worcester, Mass. "I used SloanLED HighLINER. It was easy to use and achieved the look I wanted."

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