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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • October 2014 • 83 The fabric wall systems have greatly reduced the cost of fabricating large exhibit structures as well as reducing the shipping and storage costs when not in use. One of the beauties of fab- ric graphics is that there are no limits to size. Unlike most other substrates that do have size limitations, fabric pieces can be sewn together to make the size you need. In addition, with tension fabric struc- tures, unique and unusual shapes are able to be created while keeping the weight to a minimum. These structures are gener- ally created with the use of thin-walled, light aluminum tubing that connect with push pins. Dye-sub printed graph- ics stretch over the frames, and most often, zippered together. Some systems use Velcro-like hook and loop fastening systems to finish the structure instead of zippers. Small Exhibits Small exhibits are also using dye-sub printed fabric graphics. They use the same type of light aluminum tubing to assemble the frames, therefore no tools are needed, allowing the exhibitors to set up and dismantle the systems themselves without union labor. This is another cost- saving feature of using fabric graphics. Smaller exhibits can also greatly ben- efit from using fabric-based pop-up ban- ners, teardrop flags and the like. These relatively inexpensive options look great, are easy to assemble, travel well and you get the benefit of great-looking dye sub- limated images. A Lesson Learned Many years ago, before dye-sub printed fabric was well-known by many people, we had a 50' x 100' exhibit to construct and install for Public Service Company of Colorado. To define their space, we set up a truss system around the perimeter of the booth area, then hung large (for the time period) 80" x 134" dye-sub printed fabric panels, with pole-pockets along both the top and bot- tom edges. Horizontal poles were then placed through the top pockets and wire- tied to the truss system. A weight bar was Great for window signs, plastics, in-store cooler doors, formica counters, metal surfaces • Removable & Reusable | Water resistant - cleanable • A Non Static, Non Cling & Non Adhesive Formula • White Opaque or Clear - rolls up to 60" wide for a FREE SAMPLE PEEL & PLACE MEDIA MICRO ADHESION SUCTION TECHNOLOGY – FOR ALL SOLVENT, UV AND L ATE X INKS a NE W product TM SGIA BOOTH # 3679 SEE US AT SB_PHOT_1410A.indd 1 9/16/14 1:54 PM

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