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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • October 2014 • 89 let you maximize the performance of the LED by manipulating the distance to the face and the distance between LED rows," explains Crook. "However, if you're try- ing to light really deep cabinets, LEDs just can't throw light 15 inches to the face very effectively. There's a sweet spot for all LEDs, so make sure you do some testing at cabinet depths greater than 10-12 inches." That's not to say that Crook isn't a big believer in LEDs as the primary light source for cabinet signs; they just need to get over that deeper sign cabinet hurdle and more traditional lighting techniques adequately do the job. For single-sided cabinet signs, Crooks says the market is embracing LEDs as an alternative, if not a better lighting solution. "With single-faced cabinets, the brighter LEDs in the one-watt per mod- ule range, the market has really taken off because you just don't have to plug in many LEDs. You can put them in on 10" centers, and have a high color render- ing index, some higher than fluorescent," says Crook. "And, since you don't have The BoxStar cabinet product from EGL is a higher power (1.2W per module) LED sign module for large chan- nel letters, cloud signs, sign cabinets, fluo- rescent lamp replace- ments and applications that require a higher lumen output source. C US LISTED Sign Box T12 LED Retrofit Solution 18 inches to 10 ft (and all standard lengths ) One sided and two sided 20522 Carrey Road, Walnut Ca 91789 1 909 595 9188 Sales Oce 1 818 469 9699 Extruded Aluminum, light weight 50,000 hour 5 year warranty available from our California facility. High quality LED 3000 to 6000CCK available in one or both sided versions. Using existing two prong connectors. It's easy and fast to install. Being American made we welcome your inquiries for custom lengths and colors. Distributors and Sales Representatives wanted. Inquire within. Pow-R-Stik ® Patent Pending MADE IN USA Snap in and go

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