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120 • October 2014 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S And we've come to the end of another packed edition of Sign & Digital Graphics. So let's review: M A T T D I x o N , S D G M A N A G I N G E D I T o R BACK PAGE C o M I N G I N N o V E M B E R … What we've learned … ✔ When you understand how a film is made, its install char- acteristics, durability and removability, the beer you will be at choosing the right film for the job and installing the film as efficiently as possible. Page 52 ✔ Rotary engravers have long been an industry staple and are great for producing signage, plaques, trophies, giware and jewelry. Page 70 ✔ Backlit fabric displays are everywhere. Depending on what your needs may be for a specific design, you should have no problem locating a system to fit your needs. Page 81 ✔ ere are many ways to cut costs if you are a print shop, but service needs to be consistently first-class all the way. Page 32 ✔ When designing graphics to place on vehicle windows, keep small text to a minimum. Although the holes in the film are fairly small, they will distort the look of small text. Page 58 Channel Leer Installation Check out the latest techniques for installing channel letters, from wiring raceways to perfecting letter spacing. Laser Engraving Report Our annual report gives readers deep insight into the world of laser engraving and how it can add more busi- ness to your shop.

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