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Six ings to Avoid The deadly sins of branding and creating an image Sco Franko is a designer, consultant, published author and president of Franko Design, US Signcraers, e Sign Store and Building Impressions with over 20 years of industry experience. Find him online at Send email to A fter 22 years of business, it is still a constant battle to live up to our company's motto and tag line More Than Signs, We're Building Impressions. That is a big statement and requires an even bigger commit- ment to keeping it a top-of-mind priority while going about our daily routines. It is easy to fall short of such a worthy goal. One missed detail or single mishap can cause a major setback. From there all you can do is claw your way back out, brush off the dust and move forward with the determination of learning from the bad experience and not repeating it—sort of like the cleansing process attributed to a good confessing and repenting of our sins. Some of those sins, when it comes to working with brand and image, are not always that obvi- ous to the sinner. They might be totally oblivious to them. I can identify with that. Although I would describe our company and its divisions that generate design and production fulfillment of graphics, signs and structures as being top-class, we still take those backward steps now and then. There is always room for improvement. Over the course of our existence we've also had our share of committing some of the deadliest of sins when it comes to providing and making impressions by way of our services and products. Allow me to confess six of them in hopes that you'll be challenged as well as entertained. Appearance You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Years ago that was my opening line to a commercial aired on cable television to advertise our business. Standing in front of the camera, it took me several attempts to spit the words out correctly. I learned the lesson first-hand that prac- tice does make perfect. Had anyone seen me during those filming takes, they would have witnessed a nervous young man appearing to lack confidence and having difficulty saying what he meant. Presentation goes a long way to establish an impres- sion. From shoes to shop floor, all phases of appearance are fair game for judgment. There was a time early on in our business where I actually didn't consider the torn jeans and sleeveless shirts worn by installers in 90-degree heat as a bad thing. I was also blind to seeing how ugly and dirty our trucks were. B y S c o t t F r a n k o Building Impressions ARCHITECTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL 18 • October 2014 • S I G n & D I G I t a L G r a P H I c S We made three signs for this business. The problem is that they purchased only one. By working too fast we became sloppy with job details and it cost us time and money.

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