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20 • October 2014 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ARCHITECTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL These channel letters were installed for Zolman Tire along the outside of the split faced masonry block at a low level. By not paying attention ahead of time the drilling through of the wall cause large blown out holes inside that were ugly and visible. We ended up conceal- ing them with a metal raceway painted to match the interior wall. My first slap in the face that caused me to wake up and look around came from an OSHA visit. I learned from them that if your shop is dirty and cluttered, not only does it look bad but it is poten- tially dangerous and invites suspicion. I also learned the value of being clean and tidy as a means to make favorable impres- sions through a client whose fabrication environment was somehow so immacu- late you wouldn't be afraid to drop food on the floor then pick it up and eat it. Another time I received a call from a cus- tomer demanding I come see him and the large holes in the block wall of his brand new facility that now had chunks of cement lying on the floor left by our guys after drilling through the walls in preparation of channel letter signage. Since then, we now place a high prior- ity on keeping our work spaces and job sites as clean and respectable as possible. We wash the trucks and wear company provided apparel in order to present ourselves professionally. And we drill through walls a lot more carefully. Communication Had we been better com- municators we might have done a better job of diffus- ing the blown-out wall situation before getting called to the mat. Since we knew that drilling through hollow core cinder block can cause "blow out" on the side opposite of the drilling, we could have

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