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24 • October 2014 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S Design Here's an example of a highly effective sign that has become a landmark. Not all ugly signs become as famous. A sign needs to stand on its own. Design plays a big factor in how a busi- ness is perceived. Be sure to make design a high priority when creating a new sign. The sign panel that displays this effective message happens to be a des- tination for travelers to take in food and fuel. The sign itself is a boring box on a pole with terrible letter font and a gaudy arrow pointing to the gas pumps. Sometimes ugly can prove to be a good design, but don't count on it. In this case we have hindsight and history on the side of the design for this Tipton, Ind., sign that sets along State Highway 31. I doubt the sign designer ever dreamed of the fame this sign would one day achieve. The added cartoon characters on the pole do make a creative pylon cover though. My point here is that design presents you the opportunity to give more value and make more money. We like to describe what we do as providing creative visual solutions. Creativity and design separates you from average sign shops or project-based competitors that compete on a bid basis. Bidding gets old. Margins are lower. Services become commodity. So make them special. Know the latest trends and uses of materials and make them your friend. Wow your customers by showing them how to take a sign concept and use it to change their entire identity and brand. Show your customers that you are a brand expert.

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