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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • October 2014 • 25 Forgiveness Asking for forgiveness is not better than seeking approval no matter how often you hear the opposite. You are not being resourceful or reliable by taking the easy road of assuming things will work instead of doing some additional homework or putting in more effort on the front end of a project. It's lazy not to. And it can bite your rear end. In our industry you see this happen time and time again in regard to signs going up before a permit is obtained. The problem with having to ask forgiveness is that like a sin, the damage is already done even if granted forgiveness. The negative impression sticks around like a sore spot that doesn't go away so easily. If the grass is soggy, put boards down on the ground for the heavy installation trucks to drive on to avoid making ruts. If it is too windy to paint on site, don't wait for the wind to blow drips of paint 20 feet through the air to land on vehicles or people before realizing that it is not a good idea. If the sign is supposed to be installed for a grand opening tomorrow, don't wait to start the project today. And don't tell the customer, "Oh yeah ... don't worry ... it's all under control and coming along just fine." Yes, we've done all of that at some point in our history. So there you have it. I just bared my skin and shared my sins. I'm not proud of them, but I'm also not too proud to admit them. The important thing is that we all commit sins. When we do, they reflect upon us and our work. There is value in looking at ourselves in the mirror in order to take stock. An honest look will expose weaknesses, highlight strengths and identify what else you can do for the sake of building your impressions. SDG Contact Scott at with your "Building Impression" for future articles. | 877.rowmark W O R L D ' S B E S T E N G R A V A B L E M A T E R I A L S ROWMARKABLY A MERICA N Rowmark's laserable products are the most popular and versatile engravable materials for any of your creative projects. LaserMax ® /// ColorHues ™ /// Stand-Offs F E A T U R E D P R O D U C T S

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