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October '14

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For Sean Wigand, owner of Think Big Image in Irvine, California, bigger wasn't better. Wigand purchased a $300,000 printer to keep up with the demands of his wide-format shop, but he didn't know just how many demands his printer would have of him. "It was meant for a company that would use the thing a minimum of eight hours solid a day," Wigand says. "If you stopped running the thing for 20 or 30 minutes, you would have to go and clean it, wipe the heads, purge it, waste ink and then get the thing going again." That kind of use wasn't practical for Think Big Image, and he wasn't getting the results he had expected from his expensive printer. The waste and upkeep really started to add up, and it was hitting the company in the pocketbook. "I had over $10,000 in wasted ink in a one-year period from having to purge the thing," Wigand says. "My warranty alone was $22,000 a year. It was so complex in that there were so many parts on the thing. And the parts were so expensive. Every month or so, I needed to have a tech visit." Wigand was also disappointed with the amount of time it took to process print jobs through his RIP system, saying that his graphic designers, making $15 to $20 an hour, spent too much time sitting idle as images were processed. He needed to find a way to cut costs without sacrificing quality or output, so he turned to GraphixDirect and the Flora 2512UV. "When Sean first came to us, he had preconceived notions that wide-format printing was expensive, complicated, and time consuming, and he had his doubts that purchasing a Flora would be any different," says Scott Svidergol, owner of GraphixDirect. "Once we were able to get him in front of our Flora demo unit, his eyes lit up when he saw the speed, simplicity, and ease of use that our Flora UV printers offer. "A couple of weeks later, the Think Big Image printer was down and Sean needed to do a production run on our Flora demo unit. Sean ran our Flora printer all day with little to no instruction, kept his customer timeline, and he was thrilled with the results." "I am getting so much more for my money." - -Sean Wigand, owner of Think Big Image The Flora 2512UV is a true flatbed UV-curing printer that offers speeds over 825 square feet per hour, high-quality printing up to 1440 dpi, 8-color custom printhead configuration, and the ability to print onto material up to 4" thick. As the leader in wide-format UV printing, Flora offers UV flatbed printers, hybrids, and roll-to-roll units, all at a fraction of the cost of a comparable "big name" printer. "The Flora is fantastic," Wigand says. "I love the fact that I can load all different types of substrates onto it. I'm not limited. I can print differently shaped pieces" if someone brings me something pre-cut. I can adjust the height of the printhead clearance. There's a lot more features on this machine, and it's easier to use." Wigand points to the higher resolution of the prints, the greater number of features and the money saved as the reasons he is so happy with his service from GraphixDirect. "I really do enjoy working with them. This year alone I'll probably save anywhere from $30,000- $40,000," Wigand says. "And keep in mind—my first machine cost three times as much, and the consumables cost five times as much. The UV lamps on my Flora cost me $125; and lamps on my old printer cost me $500; plus, it's a lot more versatile. I am getting so much more for my money." For more information on GraphixDirect and to find out how you can get more for your money, visit Shop swaps printers for more profits and fewer headaches GETTING MORE FOR LESS company spotlight

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