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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • October 2014 • 57 form the film to uneven surfaces such as brick or concrete. Adhesive: Can be solvent or water based, but must have high-tack or soft properties so it adheres to the compli- cated surface; no need for air egress or repositionability technology. Lamination: Generally use a very thin, flexible laminate so it can conform properly. Removability: For unpainted surfaces like brick removals are straight forward; for painted rough surfaces there may be issues as textured surfaces generally have a low surface energy. Floor Graphic Films Type: Mostly calendered film Keys: Clean the floor properly and know that the warranty is usually no lon- ger than one year. Adhesive: Match the right adhesive to the type of floor: sealed floors use low-tack and unsealed (rough concrete/ carpet) use high-tack; most manufactur- ers recommend a flat adhesive for better durability. Lamination: Can be smooth or tex- tured; a big key is that it the film must be able to pass anti-slip regulations. Removability: Removal is generally straightforward, with no resulting damage. Cut Vinyl Film Type: Calendered or cast Key: Choose the right type of film for the surface and durability (cast more con- formable and durable than calendered). Adhesive: Generally flat (some cut vinyl film has air egress/repositionable technology but this raises the price point) and not removable unless specified. Lamination: Not laminated, which often requires cut vinyl film to be pre- masked to give it more body during the install. Removability: Removals can be very difficult the longer the vinyl is on the surface. Window Films Type: Polyester, calendered or cast Key: Mostly wet installs due to the high surface energy of glass. Adhesive: Generally solvent-based; no air egress/repositionable technology needed. Lamination: Yes for full print, but no for frosted, tint, cut vinyl, clear and colored. Removability: There is no guarantee on how it will come off—could be easy or hard depending on the type of film used, the surface energy of the specific window and the film's long-term exposure to UV light. SDG It is very important to remember that water- based adhesives cannot be applied wet. 1 (855) 855-8832 Print Direct-to-Surface with No Over Laminate Required BOOTH 1702 Simple Peel & Stick Installation with No Heat Required Reliable & Durable Adhesion AWARD-WINNING FOIL-BASED PRINT MEDIA FOR BRICK, ASPHALT & CONCRETE FREE SAMPLES Available Online... ORDER TODAY! 2 finishes MADE IN USA

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