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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • October 2014 • 59 effect"—the center of the graphic will look straight but the outer edges will tend to arc downward. If you must include a line of text on a curved window try to keep it to the center of the window for less distor- tion. Larger logos or images that are still effective when distorted work bet- ter, while small or excessive text should either be eliminated or clustered in a couple lines—shoot for more of a box of information, rather than a long line. Another tip: Consider angling a short line of text or box of text to make the distortion or angling of the graphic look more intentional. Material Options Perforated window films are available in a variety of options. The perforation pattern is one of the most obvious. This is the percentage of holes to solid material in the media, and varies by the size and spacing of the holes. On vehicles we use a 50/50 perforation pattern, which is 50 percent holes and 50 percent solid media. We've tried a few different manu- facturers over the years and currently use ClassicVue media from Clear Focus Imaging. We use this on all of our vehicle and bus wraps. Be sure to check out the other films they offer for other applications. One option is ReflectVue, which is great for retail and commercial window appli- cations that need both a daytime and retro-reflected light at night. There are also short-term media options and double-sided DuoVue material for use on double-sided displays. We've had good results with perfo- rated window film from ContraVision. Look for their ContraVision Performance vinyl with corresponding Performance overlaminate. NEW DigiMaxx ™ Super-Wide Printable Magnet Who Makes Your Printable Magnet? DigiMaxx ™ - Proudly Made in the USA DigiMaxx ™ is the first and only super-wide printable magnetic media made exclusively in the USA—now available from Magnum Magnetics in widths up to 48" and supported by our outstanding customer service. Print directly to super-wide magnet to create stunning retail signage or colossal wall graphics that really stick! 800.258.0991

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