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October '14

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B y A m A n d A m c G r o r y - d i x o n P h o t o s c o u r t e s y t i G e r w r A P s Amanda McGrory-Dixon is a Denver-based free- lance writer. She can be contacted at www. Tiger Wraps takes the process into its own hands 66 • October 2014 • s i G n & d i G i t A L G r A P h i c s B efore launching Tiger Wraps, a vehicle wraps shop in Lewisville, Texas, in 2011, industry veteran and CEO Steve Brom was unhappy about the poor quality of wraps that seemed to be taking over the marketplace. Many customers received wrapped vehicles that Brom considered subpar, but as a sales rep, there was little he could do to ensure that the quality met his standards. Instead, Brom decided it was time to launch his own wraps business where he could control the quality. Brom partnered with chief financial officer Greg McNeil. From there, Tiger Wraps was born. "While working for other wrap com- panies, there was always something miss- ing," Brom says. "Some used substandard materials. Some had installers who knew very little about wraps. Some had design- ers who did not understand vehicle cur- vature and wrap design, while most had no quality control." Finding its Roots When Tiger Wraps first opened, boat wraps made up the shop's core market. Perfecting a boat wrap takes plenty of hands-on experience, which Tiger Wraps provided with a specialized training pro- gram for installers, Brom says. Boats have deep curves that can make wrapping tricky, and if the design doesn't align correctly, clients notice that mistake right away. "We train our installers on prepping and installation for all vehicles, but boats are a lot different," Brom says. "Trying to match the design and the curves is dif- ficult. If you don't put your graphics in just the right places, you'll never see the design. Wrapping a boat is a lot more involved than wrapping a box truck, car or even a motorcycle." To ensure that each design meets Brom's standards, Tiger Wraps creates the layouts on the actual wrapped vehi- cle, he says. Tiger Wraps then prints a proof on the vinyl and laminate, so the client can approve the colors and see how the final design will look. Quality Tiger Wraps provides specialized training for its installers, which is especially important when wrapping boats because of the deep curves. WRAPS DIGITAL GRAPHICS

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