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68 • October 2014 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S WRAPS DIGITAL GRAPHICS Engaging the Prospect To create the most effective wrap, Tiger Wraps focuses on the overall branding design, Brom says. Before even sending a proposal, Brom first looks at his prospect's existing marketing mate- rials and researches company informa- tion. Brom then meets with the artist to create a look that is consistent with the prospect's brand and provide insight as to what kind of markets the prospect is trying to hit. While conducting this pre- liminary research does take extra effort, Brom finds that it's helped him secure jobs because he can better engage the prospect. "We have a balance of design versus marketing appeal, which helps develop the branding aspects of our clients," Brom says. "Often, you see wraps that have nothing to do with the other aspects of their business. We strive to design their wrap to reflect their current branding strategies; we also can start from scratch with logo creation to the entire branding of their business and give them direction on brand development." During the proposal process, Brom invites prospects to visit the shop where they meet the Tiger Wraps team, he says. Many prospects aren't familiar with wraps or are unaware of the possibili- ties. When prospects visit, they have a chance to see the installation process and sit down with the artists to discuss ideas and concerns. The artists use this time to get specific details on what the pros- pect wants in order to give them a good starting point. "We go over ideas, colors, emotion and what clientele they are trying to reach," Brom says. "We then design the wrap around that because everything is based on an emotional feeling. People will remember a story, image, picture long after the text and writing." When Brom thinks about the future, he sees the potential for growth and is already in the process of expanding Tiger Wraps' reach. Over the next few years, he plans to add 50 locations nationwide with another 30-50 to follow once he has the right employees trained and ready to take on a storefront. "We have already been getting space ready for two new locations by the end of 2014, and with the experience of doing this exact same thing previously for years, this is an easy task to accomplish." Brom says. "We will become a major player in the wrap industry and continue to be on the forefront of tech- nology as we head into the future." SDG Before even sending a proposal, Tiger Wraps first researches its prospect to get a feel for its current branding elements. As Tiger Wraps has grown, it has added 2,200 square feet of installation space with 14-foot overhead doors to accommodate installation on semi-trailers, RVs and large boats.

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