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74 • October 2014 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S SPECIALTY IMAGING DIGITAL GRAPHICS ADA-Compliant Sign Options Hammer points out that sign shop owners in the market for a new rotary engraver should look for a machine capa- ble of creating ADA-compliant signs for all states. "Most ADA signs are small enough to ship anywhere in the country, so you don't want to limit your business oppor- tunities to your particular geographic region," she says, adding that the produc- tion of creative, customized ADA signs is a fast growing trend. "At Roland we're seeing increased demand for A DA signs that are not only functional and compliant, but that also incorporate business branding," Hammer says. "Having a standard bor- ing ADA sign will get the job done, but a custom sign can also include a spot for a logo to maximize a company's branding message throughout a building." Hammer adds that prospective cus- tomers should purchase a machine that not only provides quality performance and outstanding reliability, but also comes with the various tools and acces- sories needed to create ADA signage. "For example, Roland offers complete EGX-350 and EGX-400/600 ADA signage solution kits that includes the engrav- ing machine as well as all the necessary tooling, a Raster Pen Starter Kit from Accent Signage Systems, EngraveLab Expert software, a chip removal system and more," Hammer says. Wide Array of Substrates Hallick says that another big advan- tage of rotary engravers is that they can be used to engrave a wide range of mate- rials, including a variety of plastics, acryl- ics, glass, ceramics, wood, stone, metals and solid surface materials. "A recent change in design and architecture has been the re-emergence of industrial type signage. Rotary or mechanical engravers have the capabil- ity to route and deep engrave these items and give the customer a finished product that has a craftsman like feel, and not an embossed feel a laser engraver provides," he says. The Vision 1624R CNC router/engraver is said to be is ideal for light to heavy-duty applications in a medium-size engraving area. (Image courtesy of Vision Engraving & Routing Systems) Signs featuring deeper rotary engraving will last longer in outdoor and indoor environments. (Image courtesy of Roland DGA) (Image courtesy of Vision Engraving & Routing Systems) The rotary engraver is an ideal tool for achieving dimen- sional depth in a wide range of materi- als. (Image courtesy of Vision Engraving & Routing Systems)

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