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October 2014

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PRODUCT SHOWCASE 38 the Groundsman October 2014 Visit for more information and digital editions Aeration Aeration is arguably the major single factor in any successful turf care maintenance. The aim is to create a far healthier plant that becomes more resistant to drought, disease and excess moisture. The result will give a playing surface that can be relied on throughout the year. Here we look at some of the aeration products, options and services currently available for a wide variety of surfaces. Aeration success the Charterhouse way The iconic Verti-Drain available from Charterhouse is well known the world over, but there are other types of machinery that play an equally important role when it comes to aeration. Different seasons can bring different demands, but the recent unpredictable weather has brought with it a necessity to adapt a maintenance regime to cope with it. A few years back a Verti-Drain would have been used half a dozen times in a year, and then usually only in the autumn and winter months. But now, to deal with excessive moisture build-up within the root zone, these machines can be seen in use at any time of the year. Deeper aeration during autumn is a great way to establish good downward movement of moisture in readiness for the wetter winter months. However, thought should be given to times outside of this window to help sustain a healthier and more vibrant grass plant. To keep the top area of the root zone open a Verti-Drain can be fitted with narrower diameter tines. If excess weight on the surface becomes a factor then one could turn to slitting using either a Redexim Level Spike or Multi Spike. These machines are lighter in weight, available in different working widths and with or without rear rollers, but can offer a comprehensive range of knives and tines. This can pay dividends during drier times where the grass plant still needs good airflow, but not necessarily at the depths done at other times of the year. Aeration is all dependent on a healthy and vibrant leaf canopy allowing the free Groundsman offers total groundscare solutions Turf maintenance machinery specialist Groundsman Industries offers a wide range of quick change implements to carry out year round aeration as efficiently as possible with the minimum disturbance. Hollow coring is a vital part of any aeration programme, it is also the most labour intensive. The Groundsman Flexblade Core Collector attachment saves valuable time clearing the greens. For those clubs who have alternative brands of aerators, Groundsman Industries has developed the 3 Point Linkage Collection system which can be fitted to a compact tractor or utility vehicle to ensure swift collection. movement of air and nutrients in the first place. If this is an issue, and more than often it is, then reducing the level of organic matter (thatch) is of the utmost importance as well as controlling the undesirable shallow rooting grass species. A targeted scarifying programme to aid air movement and water flow, using Charterhouse's Graden range of machinery, will instantly create firmer, drier and much more playable and predictable surfaces. A Turf Retainer system segmented and independently sprung loaded to follow the surface contours is now available for all Groundsman pedestrian and tractor mounting aerators allowing even greens with delicate root problems to be aerated as normal.

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