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trians," explains Marietta, "use the oil in lieu of butter. They drizzle it over every- thing from soup to eggs to sandwiches and potato salad." And after every meal, they indulge in pumpkin seed oil–drizzled ice cream sundaes. "We ate sundaes with the kids for 10 days," she recalls. "At the end [of the trip], I said, 'This is so good, why don't we have it?'" They packed 216 bottles into seven suitcases and headed home. Back in the States, the couple targeted Manhattan as the best place to begin pedaling the product. They sold all 216 bottles in one afternoon. "We came home from New York and I thought, 'We have a business,'" says Marietta. They then set about intro- ducing the oil to North Shore grocers. Newburyport's Grand Trunk Old World Market and Joppa Fine Foods were among the first to carry it. Meanwhile, in Austria, the Stöger fam- ily was under the false impression that it would cost them $10,000 to get FDA-ap- proved for overseas distribution. Mari- etta did some research and discovered it doesn't cost anything. "At the time, we really didn't know what we were doing," confesses Marietta. "We downloaded Business in a Box [software] and started Imports ne 132 November 2014 filling out forms." Their original idea was to start with the oil and branch out to in- clude other culinary imports from around the world—hence the company name. By 2011, the Stöger's pumpkin seed oil was gaining notoriety. It was awarded first prize in its category for the Gourmet Products Award. In 2012, the DeAngelos attended the Summer Fancy Food Show held in Washington, D.C., and set up in the Austrian aisle. They viewed it as a fun trip, not much more than a chance to spend time together and help their Aus- trian friends sell a little oil. During that trip, they met the owners of New Mexico's Los Chileros, Chuck Waghorne and Ian Johnson, who spe- cialize in mixes, salsas, and rubs, among other items. The foursome hit it off. The Under the Arbor The DeAngelos live a European lifestyle that includes dining al fresco with friends and family at their 17-foot-long table in the garden.

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