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14 November 2014 Correspondence $ share your thoughts on northshore content: nshore With Gratitude I just finished reading the new 2014 Home issue of Northshore. Wow. Not only are the Carpenter & MacNeille pieces ["Coastal Cottage," page 194, and "Fresh Take," page 98] fantastic, the whole issues reads like a great design book. This is such a cool North Shore resource guide. We feel honored to have played a role in it, and I just wanted to thank you for the thought- ful representations of our firm's work throughout. I can't wait to share the piece with the homeowner and our partners at The Trustees of Reservations—they are going to be thrilled, I'm sure. Grace Garrison, via email I feel such gratitude for the very flatter- ing and wonderful spread that you gave Grace Interiors ["Graceful Living," page 56]. Northshore's 2014 October Home is- sue will always hold a special place in my heart and inspire me to continue to create beautiful designs for my clients. Shannon Gilmour, via email I would like to send a sincere thank you for the story you wrote about my work in the October issue ["Cool Coils," page 34]. It's been an amazing experience. I can't wait until all my followers check it out! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a young, unknown artist like me. I wanted to offer my deepest thanks. Ryan Kelley, via email Personal Perspective I read "Out of the Wild," [page 220] in the September issue and looked very care- fully for the specific North Shore connec- tion but failed to find it. Foraging dates to before gardens and farms, and the plants mentioned can be found almost anywhere, even here in Albuquerque. Perhaps Mr. Kelleher will have some time this winter to read Russ Cohen's Wild Plants I Have Known and Eaten, which was published by Essex County Greenbelt and is available for sale on their website. He should also spend some time in the salt marshes of Essex County, where he will discover Salicornia, which can be eaten cooked or raw. There is nothing quite so lovely as a salad in the fall that includes both green and red Salicornia. Britta Karlberg, via email Dear Britta, First, it is exciting to hear of a New Mexico- based reader! The North Shore connection is simply the fact that Liam Kelleher lives, forages, and cooks on the North Shore of Bos- ton. He is one of very few chefs to do so in our region. We thought it would make a good story given it is a current culinary trend more often seen in restaurants located in larger cities. In the 2014 BONS issue, we read about the exquisite Tides lobster roll. Be- cause of the No. 1 endorsement, we flew down to Nahant to try it. We were served fresh but "dry" lobster on a "dry" though fresh roll—served with a side of tartar sauce. When I wrote about my experience on their Facebook page, the response I received was that I should have asked for the drawn butter North- shore wrote about. Most New Englanders I know will say they prefer a toasted, lightly buttered roll with fresh lobster tossed with a little mayo. There are several restaurants that offer choices in terms of portion size and dressings. Betsy Miller, via email Dear Betsy, I appreciate your passion for a good lobster roll! It demonstrates how strongly New Eng- landers feel about the almighty roll. Because everyone's tastes vary so widely, two of our committee members each tried very different lobster rolls from several establishments. They reported back that each had their merits. This year, we added Taster's Choice to our write- ups in an effort to recognize those differences. No doubt about it, finding the North Shore's absolute best lobster roll is no small feat! 194 Sixties Style Carpenter & MacNeille puts a new spin on a bygone era. COASTAL COTTAGE by Mary Grauerholz | photographs by Eric Roth NB_KJ_NS Oct 14 FECarpenterMac.indd 194 8/29/14 10:19 AM '' we feel honored to have played a role in it, and i just wanted to thank you for the thoughtful representations of our firm's work throughout." GRACE GARRISON, VIA EMAIL photograph by eric roth

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