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18 | Printwear N ov e m b e r 20 1 4 kept it simple with our stand-alone soft- ware. After merging some channels and white printer adjustments, we printed only a process black, blue, gold, red, and a highlight white in that order. But there was a complication. We weren't only printing over zippers. Those zippers had a 2" placket that the client didn't want printed, and we had to split the art pre- cisely to sit just next to the zipper placket on both sides. After we placed our separa- tion file on our artwork board in Illustrator, we went to "Lay- ers" and selected the one with our placed file and duplicat- ed it. With one of the layers turned off, we worked on the other. Using the "Rectangle Tool," we drew a box over the design on one side going over the halfway point by 1/2". We then turned our box to "No Color," and while selected, we went to "Object" and "Make Compound Path." From there, we chose our placed file and created a clipping mask in the same way. From Software to Substrate | | | | Text continued on page 111 For all full-color images, it takes some optimization for high- quality final prints. This image was created in rGb mode. The client didn't want the print on the 2" placket, which called for splitting art so that it sat next to the zip- per placket on each side.

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