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20 1 4 N ov e m b e r Printwear | 23 are any other unresolved items. Try to tackle one issue at a time. Rarely will one sugges- tion solve several problems simultaneously. Suggest a time limit for the discussion and some conversational ground rules. Employ active-listening and balanced- feedback techniques. Once the meeting be- gins, manage time wisely, referee the prob- lem-solving process fairly, and limit partic- ipants to short and equal exchanges. Ask clarifying questions and paraphrase back what you hear, so the group knows you're interested and listening carefully. Take a leadership role When you all believe you have uncovered the information you need to resolve the causes of conflict, don't be afraid to take a leadership position in mediating the discussion. However, this is not the time to wield your power. Instead, put on your mediator's hat, and encourage the group to realize they had the resolution in them all along. In Lawrence Schwimmer's training video The Art of Resolving Conflict in the Workplace, he offers six techniques for facilitating the resolution discussion: Here's what these terms mean: In every statement that you make, avoid using the word "you." When people hear the word "you," particularly when discussing differences, it's often perceived to be accusatory—putting that person on the defensive. Instead, try to begin state- ments with "I." Take personal ownership of your feelings, thoughts, observations, and facts. Others will respect you for taking a stand on the issue, even if they may not agree. Diffuse potential powder-keg issues by anticipating what others' objections, concerns, and reactions might be. Follow those statements with an appeal to their self-interests. For example, you might say, "I know some of you be- lieve how some people are paid is unfair. I try to positive- Text continued on page 111 • "I" versus "you" language • Anticipation of objections, concerns, and reactions • Appeal to others' self-interest • Meta-talk • Limit setting • Use consequences wisely VERSASTUDIO® BN-20 20" Printer/Cutter $8,495 US ready to wear. ready to share. offer your customers everything from apparel to custom gis and promo items For a free print sample visit Maximizing sales from existing customers is all about versatility and ease of use. The VersaStudio BN-20 delivers vibrant printing, contour cutting and white or metallic ink all from one affordable desktop device. VersaUV LEF printers allow you to print directly on a variety of awards, giware, and promotional products, combining CMYK, White and Clear ink for visual impact plus unique dimensional effects. VERSAUV® LEF SERIES 12"/20" UV flatbed printers starting at $19,995 US

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