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Who is the typical retail- branded customer? "It can be any customer who is in the retail channel that uses decorated Ts as part of his or her merchandise assortment." — Marcia cuMberledge, TSC AppArel "Potentially, everyone. Some buy because of the inherent quality and reputation that a brand has estab- lished for itself while others purchase based upon the value they as- sociate with contemporary, fashionable products. Yet others are trying to match the garment to the audience or product that its use is as- sociated with, for instance, more hip." — SaM gerber, Bodek And rhodeS "Customers looking to associate their brand with a consumer-recognized brand to leverage that retail brand's equity. Retail-branded apparel has a higher perceived value, which gives the product more value to the end user because of the brand image that is already created at retail. It also gives This market has seen an increase in performance fabrics' popularity. (Image at left courtesy Sanmar; Image at right courtesy river's end Trading Co.) retail- branded apparel 4 4 | Printwear N ov e m b e r 20 1 4

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